Water conservation concerns us all

Water conservation concerns us all

Water conservation concerns us all. Let’s save every drop.

A Public Service Announcement by the Management Team of Sandton Central.

In the wake of the announcement that water levels in Gauteng are dropping to unprecedented levels, we just may have a crisis on our hands. Our own Day Zero could be announced. If you’re worried about the effects of the on-going drought and the fact we’ve had hardly any significant rain this late into the so-called rainy season, then you’ll definitely want to read on.

Just imagine, one day in the not too distant future, opening the taps and finding nothing coming out. Not even a single drop. For us to ensure this doesn’t happen, we all have to play our part. And the best way to do that is save every last bit of water we can. So that we get through this drought with the essential water our city needs to survive.

If not, the largest financial hub of Africa could well be in trouble. So this is also about the economical impact it could have.

We’re currently at level 2 water restrictions, which is worrying as it is. But let’s not panic yet. Rather, take a conservation approach.

At Water 2 restrictions:
1) DO NOT leave taps dripping. If you think you can hear water dripping, it probably is – search for the guilty tap and sentence it to be twisted… closed.
2) If it’s possible, get your car onto the grass – this will enable you to water your lawn as well as your car (it might be wise to look for safe, biodegradable cleaning fluids for this).
3) Buy a watering can and use that instead of a hosepipe. It is easy to overuse water with a hosepipe. While it’s less convenient to use a watering-can, the inconvenience could save us some major headaches down the line. And with no water to take with the Panado for that headache, it could be a bitter pill to swallow.
4) Time yourself in the shower. Don’t shower longer than you have to. Get in, soap up, wash off, get out, turn off, and towel down. There’s no need to linger. We don’t have the luxury right now.
5) Use a glass of water to rinse when brushing your teeth.
6) Take shallow baths. Especially at this time of year. You don’t need to be fully covered in water to get cleaned up. Try to avoid filling up your bath past 100mm in height. Also avoid the temptation to linger. Do what you’re there to do and exit. Otherwise the water will grow cold and you’ll be tempted to add more.

Also, and this might seem like toilet humour, but eat plenty of fibre. That way you won’t waste nearly as much toilet paper and will avoid over-flushing. And remember, if it’s yellow, let it mellow.

In this way, you’l be contributing to the solution, rather than the problem.

Also add these details for Johannesburg Water to your phone:
• Call Centre – 011 375 5555
• SMS 076 333 5052
• @Jhbwater – Twitter
• Johannesburg Water- Facebook
• Email customerserviceemails@jwater.co.za

That’s how you get in contact with them if you see any burst water pipes, leaking water meters, open hydrants, and so on. Alert them as soon as you can. Nothing wastes more water than a burst water pipe.

We hope you do your part as citizens of the country and residents of Gauteng. Together, we can save water.

Together, we can get through this on-going concern.