Mind, Body, and Soul in 2020

Mind, Body, and Soul in 2020

Mind, Body, and Soul: Let the new decade be part of a new you.

A lot of people have forgotten this isn’t just the mark of the end of the year. But also, a decade defined by innovation in technology, the rise of smart devices, streaming services that changed the way we listen to music and watch TV. And, of course, how social media, which essentially started the decade before, truly came to dominate our lives in unexpected ways.

What will the next decade bring? It’s hard to tell. There’s hope technology will improve our lives and the lives of people still unfortunate to live in difficult circumstances. We will begin to see deliveries by drones rather than humans. You order something and it doesn’t take days, but hours.

There’s also growing fear for our planet and her resources, but most especially the global climate change that has notably affected so many parts of the world in such significant ways. Droughts and other natural disasters being amongst some of the big ones. But the heat is rising. We face an uncertain future.

But you only have control over you, in the end, and to a certain extent your immediate environment. We believe that by committing yourself to a wellness programme, you will be better equipped mentally and physically with the changes that come as the ‘20s begin again. This time, though, there probably won’t be any flappers.

You have what it takes to become physically fit. If you’ve been out of practice for a while, well, there’s no better time than the start of a new decade to begin a new you.

For instance:
• Planet Fitness Platinum Sandton
One of the best-known gym franchises in the country is easily accessible within our very district. Aside from the usual that you can expect in a gym they also have some uniquely tailored programmes, such as pumpHIITup™, a high-intensity workout routine that will take toning your body to a whole new level. You’ll be fitter than a fiddle fitted with extreme fitness. That’s something.

They also offer a variety of other classes, ranging from the beginner, where you can develop confidence and a foundation to build upon, to moderate to high-intensity workouts like RUSH. This class focuses on getting you to metabolic adaptions.

• Urban Warrior Boxing Gym
Want to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee? Perhaps you’re a believer in being quite literally fighting fit. Or you’re worried it’ll turn out to be Mad Max in the next decade and just want to be ready for an era of road warriors.

Whatever your reasons, Urban Warrior Boxing Gym will get your stamina and strength levels up while developing your co-ordination, balance, and power punches.

You’ll receive the attention of personal trainers, most of whom are former or current pro boxers themselves. Including South African and even World Champions.

Not that the above don’t involve some extent of mind (mostly mind-over-matter). But you’ll want to truly develop that mental acumen – and the best way to do that is to give your brain a workout.

• Sandton Library
The most significant library in town, in the whole country, really. It is popular with students as it is as filled with informative and sometimes hard-to-find books on History, Psychology, Biology, Futurism, Science, Business, and plenty of other subjects.

Some books have been out of print for years and you won’t find them anywhere else.

Take good care of them (no reading in the bath!). Books can be one of the best ways, in this age of information overload, to stimulate the brain without overwhelming it.

We suggest a visit and perusing what’s on offer.

• Exclusive Books
One of the most fabulous bookstore chains in the country, the one that resides in Sandton City is a bibliophile’s most beautiful dream.

For the latest books and informative magazines, there’s no better place to drop by. And even enjoy a stimulating cup of coffee while you start reading your new purchase. Find the latest works by the world’s best authors on just about any subject you can think of.

Want to learn an important history lesson? Well, they say History does repeat itself, and the History section is packed to the brim with all eras of human existence.

Or perhaps you want to remember how insignificant, in the cosmic sense, our problems are. Well, there’s astronomy books for that. Gorgeous photos from the Hubble telescope for you to take home and admire the distant stars, and galaxies they form part of. While learning something, ahem, relatively important at the same time.

Well, aside from the top two sections being part of what feeds the soul – mind + body, and all that – there is a more spiritual option for you, too.

• Legacy Balance
Located at the DaVinci Hotel, you’ll find a kind of rewarding spiritual experience at this spa and gym. Get a good work out, then go and experience the full spa treatment as you free your mind from all distractions and cleanse your soul of all debris it’s picked up during the week.

With some of the best masseuses in town, you’ll feel all the stress relieved from your body under their skilful hands.

As they put it, “Finding time for yourself is often a tricky balancing act, but at Legacy Balance Spas, it’s child’s play. Harmony in mind and body will be gently restored by breathtakingly beautiful settings, beneficial treatments, and service that puts you first. You’ll feel better from the moment you arrive. Expect to feel unusual side effects – calm, composure and an inner radiance that will stay with you even after you have returned home.”

Sounds like an amazing experience to us.

Enjoy the District.

And that’s just a taste of what Sandton Central has to offer. Visit our page to find out about other places you can strengthen your body, sharpen your mind, and harmonise your soul.