Back to School: Let’s get it done with time to spare

Back to School: Let’s get it done with time to spare

Back to School: Let’s get it done with time to spare (and cash too!)

It might still be holidays, but that doesn’t mean resting on your laurels. Especially not when it comes to being organised for your kids’ schooling needs! That’s why we’re talking about Back to School this early.

Why? Well, the last thing you want is a life-and-death battle to get stationery for the kids just a week before the schools reopen. It’s better to get it all out the way, sooner rather than later. And you might as well take advantage of what Sandton Central has to offer.

The Sandton Library
The Sandton Library is a wonderful repository of knowledge amongst its literature. It is full of books for all ages and certainly will bring your children, whether young or in their teens, up to “read” (speed?) in terms of upcoming set works. It will be helpful to speak to your younglings’ teachers about what’s coming up, say the Shakespeare play for this coming year.

They’ll find their share of books on the subject at hand, even if it’s as simple as books on the time period covered in these works. That will give them much needed context that could give them the edge (razor-sharp wit?) they need to keep ahead of the class.

Well, there is literally no better place in Sandton City to get a wide range of stationery supplies. Everything they need. It’s pretty cut-and-dry – literally – when it comes to children-friendly scissors and glues…pens, exam pads, erasers, and sharpeners. To keep them sharp in the classrooms.

The other great thing about CNA is they offer electronic equipment at great value. You can often find bundled items, such as printers and laptops. We mean, who writes out essays and other school assignments in this day and age? With fantastic savings at this time of year, the Christmas Season, there’s every reason to upgrade that computer of yours, now slower than a three-legged turtle wading through quicksand, and recycle it.

Incredible Connection
Another option when it comes to computers – here you’ll find a wider selection, so if you want to do a significant upgrade experts will happily help you in selecting a premium machine that will not only power through complex programmes (say your kid is just starting to study graphic design, you can get a computer more than capable of handling Photoshop or the excellent once-off cost alternative Affinity Photo).

They also have a wide range of printers available and if you really feel like spoiling your child, you can get a game-handling computer (or console system) and use it as part of a positive reinforcement exercise to motivate them to study harder!

Besides, your kid could be the next king or queen of Fortnite and win some serious amounts of money!

Apple iStore
Finally, on the tech front, we strongly recommend an iPad. These premium tablet PCs come with a whole host of features perfect for your youth to encourage them to study and learn more about the world. Let’s take the free iTunes University.

There are plenty of free courses on all kinds of subjects ranging from History to Astronomy to Anthropology. Maybe some of these subjects aren’t quite what your kids are doing in school (though if they’re doing the science subjects like Biology, they’ll definitely benefit). But they will get the opportunity to expand their horizons and improve their general knowledge. Most importantly, it could be the beginning of a love for life-long upskilling, which will serve them well into the future.

Plus, with a host of complimentary iCare packages that will repair or replace stolen iPads for you over a certain period, not to mention the screen protectors and body gloves available, and you don’t have to worry about the clumsy teenage years.

There are also plenty of apps for the little ones which will give them the advantage in the classroom. The Apple App Store is chockful of helpful apps, and you don’t even need to worry about bill shock – there are vouchers inside the store which always allows you to control the amount of money being spent.

Exclusive Books
If you’d rather have reference books to own than to borrow from the Sandton Library, this is the place to go. There’s nothing like an easy-to-page-through reference book to help aid studying. With its massive selection of books from all genres, you could well find the set-work books your kids can quite comfortably scribble their own notes in.

They also stock some amazing pens and journals perfect for notetaking, which will turn studying into an art.