20 June 2021: Happy Father’s Day, Sandton!

20 June 2021: Happy Father’s Day, Sandton!

We showed appreciation to our queens last month, and this month it’s our kings that get the spotlight! Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday, 20 June 2021, to be exact. It’s time to show the dads of every household how much they mean to the rest of the family members by showering them with love, care, and their favourite gifts!

Sandton Central boasts a medley of Father’s Day gifts, each perfect in its own right! We’ll take you through some gift and treat ideas – making celebrating Father’s Day easy as 1,2,3

Make Dad Feel Appreciated

Making your father, grandfather, uncle or brother feel appreciated goes beyond a Father’s Day card or getting him a new pair of socks; while these are thoughtful, you need to understand what he loves the most. It’s not just about gifts but primarily thanking him for his love and guidance and all the other wonderful things he does…

We’ve selected a couple of ideas that you can easily find and do in Sandton Central –

  • Daily Chores

Think about what he does daily and surprise him by taking care of it, such as cutting the grass, making breakfast, taking out the trash, or feeding the pets. It’s much more thoughtful than buying a new car, and it won’t cost you a cent. We forget the impact of our gifts, but we can guarantee you that your dad would appreciate these small gestures.

  • Stick Him for a Drink

Head to Vida e Café for a strong cup of java and share stories with your father about his support throughout the years. He might have forgotten about some of them; it’ll make your father or father figure feel valued. Better yet, spend time sampling different drinks at different bars and restaurants in Sandton. Who knows, he might experience his new favourite place…

  • Gifts

Gifts are everywhere. We encourage you to be creative! Whether it’s putting a gift together of things he might have dropped within the last year but hasn’t been able to get, or make him a handmade gift of something he might not have thought he needed, such as a braai caddy, a wood grain personal flask, or a DIY wine rack. Pop into any of Sandton’s shopping centres for inspiration, tools and accessories.

  • Try Something Else

We know it’s cold, but layer up and stick your dad for something other than the usual such as camping, fishing, or golfing. Make it a weekend of outdoor fun, which will account for many special moments – braai on his behalf and praise him for everything he had taught you, the next big fish he catches after just one try, or his effortless hole-in-one without the pro skills… Again, everything you can think of to make the breakaway successful is available right here in the heart of Johannesburg. If you’re not planning on camping, stay over at the finest accommodation Sandton has to offer!

  • Cook for Him

You know your dad’s favourite meal. Cook for him or invite him into the kitchen and cook together. There are quite a selection of department stores in Sandton to plan and shop the ingredients you’ll need, or if you can’t cook, order takeaways. Just ensure that your father is fed; we all know how men love their food!

No matter how you plan to spend spoiling your father or father figure, have fun and remember that quality time together exceeds any type of gift. Make Father’s Day count, Sandton!