7 Things to do this New Year’s Eve

7 Things to do this New Year’s Eve

Please note: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and regulations set in place, all events and gatherings will depend on what level South Africa currently finds itself.

It’s finally here! The end of 2021. Some of us are still trying to process what happened in 2020, but here we are at the end of another year later. Whether you’re still recovering from the previous happenings or trying to make peace with the fact that 2021 has ended, you owe yourself a celebratory pat on the back for getting through the past few months. Whatever way you do it, go out with a BANG!

Let’s look at a few things you can do to conclude this episode of 2021 with a great memory.

7 Things to do this New year’s Eve

1. Have a New Year’s Eve Party at home.

How can you not after the year we’ve had? Invite your best mates and tell them to dress up. Prepare some great food for the night or order a platter from Fournos or Farmhouse Fare. Oh, yes, and don’t forget the booze. Benmore’s Pick n Pay Liquor and Sandton’s The Fridge Wine & Spirit Emporium can help with this.

2. Have a night out on the town.

Do some research online and check what your favourite restaurants at Sandton Central have planned for New Year’s Eve. Many restaurants offer special prix fixe menus for New ’Year’s Eve dinner, so that might also be an option if ’you’re looking to celebrate by enjoying a meal with loved ones.

The Maslow Hotel provides a wonderful option in their tranquil garden oasis. You can also choose from three menu options! The Davinci Hotel helps you plan an intimate or elaborate event to celebrate with colleagues, friends or family.

Some other great places to spend the night:

The Baron

3. Have a relaxed braai at home.

If you’re not one to go out and party and more of a stay at home braai type of guy, definitely do that!  Get those perfect cuts at The Butcher Shop & Grill. Don’t forget the snacks from The Nut Lady and the Biltong Republic.

4. Order your favourite meal.

On this last day of the year, you might just feel like ordering take-out and spending it with your loved ones. Go all out and let everyone order from their favourite restaurant at Sandton Central. Take your pick: Sandton City; The Marc; Nelson Mandela Square.

5. Have a game or movie night.

Always fun to do and another relaxed option at home. Pick your favourite games or movies and invite all your besties to join in on the fun. Why not dive into this list: The 100 best movies of all time.

6. Cook dinner and eat together as a family.

A wonderful way to end the year is by cooking a meal with your family and spending time together. The first step is figuring out what you are going to cook. Get the kids to help. Cooking dinner together can be one of the best times for families to reconnect and reflect on the year past or just enjoy each ’other’s company while spending quality time doing something they love.

  1. OR go to bed early so you can wake up on New Year’s Day feeling refreshed!

A few things to remember for New Year’s Eve:

  • Make sure to book where ever you might choose to spend your night. With more people being vaccinated, more will feel safe to enjoy a night out.
  • Take the curfew into consideration.
  • Pick the right people to end your year off with.
  • Get home safely. Rather catch a ride with Uber, Lyft, etc.
  • Let’s consider our furry friends and forget about the fireworks. Try and incorporate something else instead.
  • Set some new year’s resolutions. Yes, we know you might feel that you never achieve them, but set some easy ones for yourself. Don’t set yourself up for a loss. Even if you just focus on last year’s resolutions, you didn’t get to, that’s perfectly fine.

New Year’s Eve marks the end of one year and the beginning of another. In whatever way you celebrate, be it a quiet night at home or dancing the night away, enjoy every moment of it; you made it this far!