Sandton Central Events for November!

Sandton Central Events for November!

Sandton Central Events for November!

There are a lot of exciting events happening in the Sandton District during November! First and foremost, we’d like to mention:

Whiskey Live at the Sandton Convention Centre – 6 – 8 November
Enjoy ye scotch, laddie? Or perhaps yer more a bourbon man, pard’ner. Whatever your flavour of the world’s classiest spirit, have a taste at the Whiskey Live event at the Sandton Convention Centre and fully experience the most exciting whiskies on the planet. Just be sure to Uber home if you’re planning on partaking in the fun.

But not to worry if you’re not a whisky man (or woman). For the first time, they’ll be including other spirits:

Comrade, ve have premium vodka too. And, arrr, for a sea dog taste of the Caribbean, there be delectable rum on offer as well. Not to mention the finest distilled gin, old chap. Perfect with vermouth or tonic. The former should be stirred, not shaken.

Itl’ll be a chance to meet the world’ master distillers, global brand ambassadors, and a range of industry expects too.

HOTFM Telethon at Sandton City – 15 November
Join in the fun for this telephon fundraising event at Sandton City!

Discovery 947 Ride Joburg – 17 November
This magnificent cycling event will be taking place on Sunday 17 November 2019. Now in its 23rd year, the iconic, annual event is the one day that cyclists get to own the streets of Johannesburg. As such, if you’re not one of the many excited cyclists taking to Joburg’s roads, you need to know that certain streets will be closed at certain times. You’ll be affected in terms of how to go about your day. We do have the map for you here which will indicate which roads will be closed and at what times. We advise residents and visitors to our district to take heed and plan accordingly.
If you are taking part in the Ride, we wish you well for the day and hope you enjoy owning the roads! It will be a fun outing for all concerned.

JHB Film Festival at the Auto & General Theatre on the Square – 19 – 24 November
The Joburg Film Festival and the Multichoice Group have collabotated to treat visitors and residents of Sandton Central to some of the finest in filmmaking at the Auto & General Theare. It’s about having an independent platform to not only showcase Africa’s talented stars and directors, but those from over 16 countries in the world.

If you have a taste for the more meaningful, inspired, and rich sort of movie, especially in this age of eplosions and overused CGI, then this festival is for you. It’s about the storytelling, not the big, overbudget action sequences. Movies you’ll genuinely feel and experience…

Still, it will feature the red carpet treatment and you may even rub shoulders with celebrities.

Gamers Expo at Sandton City – 21 – 24 November
Come and be switched on, sort of literally, by the Gamers Expo, as they push your buttons for prizes that include a 1st prize worth R25 000. It’s about the tech, it’s about the games, it’s about having fun no matter your age. Powered by BT Games, purveyors of some of the funnest, most exciting computer and console entertainment on the market. If you’re a gamer, you won’t want to miss out.

Happy Hour at Skye Bar – Throughout November
In case you weren’t aware of it, Skye Bar has a happy hour from 5pm to 6pm every weekday. And it’s perfect for Sundowners with a beautiful view of the district. The deal? You buy a drink and you’ll get another for free. This includes all beers, local spirits, and ciders. Not to worry if you’re driving or a teetotaller. The special applies to soft drinks too!

Come and enjoy one of South Africa’s most luxurious and elegant bars at the Holiday Inn, 9th Floor, with your friends and colleagues after a hard day’s work driving our economy. It’s at 132 Rivonia Road. Cheers!

Barre at The Maslow Hotel – 24 November
For those who’ve never heard of barre, it’s the ultimate fitness workout – combining ballet with Pilates and yoga. It’s a fun and great way to get fit – and you’ll be doing it at the beautiful Maslow Hotel! Which means that afterwards, you can enjoy an inclusive brunch by the poolside.

The Maslow, of course, is one of Sandton Central’s most esteemed business hotels, but the business for the day will only be toning and honing that body!

For the Early Bird: R350 per person
Standard: R400

Be a barre beauty and get fit the fun way.

Black Friday – 29 November
This is one event you definitely don’t want to miss out on! It’s the biggest sale of the year and you can bet many of our retailers in Sandton City and Nelson Mandela will be offering you great savings on “have-to-have” items. Ranging from fashion, to footwear, to electronics, and everything in-between, this is one Friday you’ll want to book in leave with the office now!

Or at least, “have a runny stomach”. At least it’s partly true. You’ll be running all over the place to take advantage of the specials on offer. Though this could “backfire”, because you might run into your manager here too! Now that could get awkward.

Women for Change 5/8 km Run at Sandton City – 30 November
Women are the backbone of our society. Join the celebration of women from all communities in a fun run from Sandton City, at our district on Saturday 30 November. It’s to commemorate the role women have in our lives, to celebrate the fact that women are empowered in our country, but also to highlight the challenges many women must face in their daily lives.

But it’s not just women who are welcome to take part! Children too. And men, this is your chance to show solidarity with the women in our lives.

If you’re interested in showing your support for this important event, here are the details you need to know:
Early Bird Ticket – Only R100 per Ticket
Enter Here:
Date: Saturday, 30 November 2019
Location: Sandton City Rooftop, Johannesburg
Start Time: 7am
Distance: 5/8km
Registration: Sportsmans Warehouse Sandton City
Thursday, 28th November: 12pm – 6pm
Friday, 29th November: 10am – 6pm

All finishers will receive a Women for Change medal.
Ticket Options:
Basic Ticket – R160
Kids Ticket – R80 (Children under 14 years.)
Male Ticket – R250 (An additional amount is charged. This will go towards getting a ticket for an underprivileged woman – you’ll be doing your part!)
Changer Package – R500 (Make a difference and stand against gender-based violence! This option includes a Ticket, Race T-Shirt, Buff, Sticker, Fastpass Registration on race day, a Donation towards TEARS Foundation, great goodies, and much more.)

That’s it for this month, aside from the usual fun things to do at our district! Be a regular at Sandton Central – and visit us often for plenty to see and plenty to do!