Romance in the district

Romance in the district

Romance in the district- perfect winter date night locations

If you’re single, winter can be a toughie.

Nights under the blanket with nobody to warm your feet on. Sitting on the couch watching Netflix by yourself. Walking with gloves and nobody to hold – no we’re not trying to rub it in, but we know the struggle, which is why we’re feeling the love this winter.

Sadly, we can’t help you find someone, but we can make sure you keep the one you have (or, if you’re just getting started, we can do our part to make it work perfectly). So, what can we say about Romance in the District? Just that it’s possible, and there’s no shortage of options for budding and long-time couples alike.

Start with a date, or maybe a drink.
The most crucial part of any potential relationship is the first date. First impressions last, remember, and setting the tone early on is the foundation for many potential years of success. So where do you go if you’re looking to impress, or bring back the romance with an old flame? Our pick of the month is Saint- luxury fine dining in a contemporary setting with a bar, music, vibe and everything in between. Trust us on this one – you’ll want to see it in person. From the hand sculpted marble bathroom sinks to their fully stocked bar with its Romanesque, custom made statue background, to the most delightfully tasteful Italian cuisine around. Your only concern is not being distracted by the décor and focusing on your significant other.

If you’re less budget conscious, why not take a look at Pigalle, which has all the bells and whistles (and food to match). Or coffee at the Da Vinci, which is open until late, and perfect for those deep, meaningful late-night conversations while you look into each other’s eyes. There’s also Lattelicious for something light, Newscafe if you want a more upmarket vibe and, of course, your regular family eateries like Pappa’s on the Square. The most important thing is good food and great company – you bring the latter; we’ll sort out the former.

What else, what else?
Well, what better way to enjoy each other’s company than a wonderful movie for two? Our pick of the month is The Lion King, which releases on the 19th of July. It’s a familiar story, we know, but one that moves us to tears every single time. There’ll be something inherently heart-warming about hearing the songs of your childhood while seeing the photo realistic re-creation of characters on the big screen once again.

Make a booking for two at our Ster-Kinekor Cinema for some yummy popcorn, comfy seats and an unparalleled surround sound experience. Or make it twice as awesome with a reclined, relaxed evening of enjoyment in our Cine Prestige. Fancy a coffee? We’ll bring it to you. And what goes down better in winter than a hot cuppa Joe with a side of romance?

Take a stroll through our mall or, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, a walk through our beautiful streets – you never know what you’ll find, see or notice along the way.

Wait, we almost forgot our favourite part, or did we just leave the best for last?
How would you feel if Date Nights were officially a thing? Well, with our Maximillien Restaurant, they now are. Every Thursday is a romantic one for us, whether it’s a surprise for your significant other or some well-planned quality time. Date Night is always a good idea. Starting at 7pm and only costing R495 per couple (a meal for two can be expensive – this is next to nothing), it comes with a free bottle of their delicious house wine. Find them at our DaVinci Hotel and Suites, Upper Level, Legacy Corner Mall.

Bookings are essential, and you can make them HERE

All in all, we love romance almost as much as we love bringing people together. So, for your perfect winter date night locations, you know you’re sorted with Sandton Central.