Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day
“Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers and singers of song”
– Author Unknown

Rightly so, mothers generally receive most of the love and attention. It’s one of the perks of being a full-time role model, chef, advisor and beyond – a privilege our dads are more than happy to let them have. They most certainly deserve it, after all. But once a year, for one glorious day, we’re universally allowed to put our love for Mom on the backburner for just a tiny bit and take the time to give Dad the appreciation HE deserves.

Being a mother isn’t easy, but then again, neither is being a father. Ask any dad who had to balance the stress of a full-time job, making sure every bill (and often unexpected ones) were paid, giving Mom the attention, she deserves and still coming home with enough energy to keep his little ones entertained.

Yet day in, day out, a dad is someone who forsakes his own interests for the sake of his family. And that, we think, entitles him to at least one day of appreciation.

But as anyone can tell you, fathers are notoriously tricky to shop for. Fear not, however, because we’ve got you covered with our top gift ideas at Sandton Central.

Father's Day

A smell you’ll always remember:
There’s a reason perfumes are everyone’s go-to gift option – they’re affordable, appreciated and last a lifetime. The sense of smell is also one of our strongest, meaning all it takes is a whiff of something familiar to usher in a whirlwind of memories. One thing most dads do quite religiously is shave (or some sort of grooming, at least) which means the perfect aftershave, or after scent, is a gift he’ll truly make use of.

To camp or not to camp?
Maybe your dad is the outdoors type, and he prefers the smell of nature to the whiff of sweet perfume. We get it, and we all know a father just like him. Good news is we’ve got him covered as well. Our top pick stores in this case would be Kappa, Due South or Cape Union Mart. Their ever-expanding array of outdoor related gear, clothing and accessories means you can enter their store with no idea what you need and STILL walk away happy. So, give them a try is our word of advice.

All things sporty:
Then you get those couch potato dads. The ones who work hard in the week and, come Friday, it’s time to relax and unwind. Too rugged for perfume, too chilled for the great outdoors, seemingly nothing gets their blood pumping other than his little girl going on a date. Or so we thought, until it’s Saturday afternoon and Man United are losing, or The Proteas pull another one of their World Cup specials.

It’s a safe bet to say that if your dad is into the sporty side of life, we’ve got his back, front, feet and shorts too. Pick from Nike, Totalsports or even Sportscene (for trendy, funky urban apparel) and be sure to, at the very least, get him something to wear while he screams at the screen. Our best bet would be his favourite team’s replica kit.

If all else fails, just get one of our gift cards instead. Or if buying a gift isn’t really your thing, why not share the ultimate present in the form of awesome memories, good convo and epic bonding time? Or, if you’re really up for a weekend of spoiling, book him in at one of our many hotels or spa’s (if he’s into that kind of thing, that is). Alternately, try one of our many bars and restaurants to indulge in a cold one and celebrate another year of great experiences. Dine, laugh, catch up or reminisce – the beauty is in the shared experience and magical moments, brought to you by Sandton Central.

Just ask yourself: what can you do for Dad? If it sounds awesome and it’s at Sandton Central, chances are it’s worth exploring.

Father's Day