Celebrating Women’s Month: 9th August

Celebrating Women’s Month: 9th August

Celebrating Women’s Month: 9th August

“…she believed she could, so she did”.

They say that behind every great man is an even greater woman, and behind every great woman is herself. We can’t dispute this, nor can we dispute the impact women have had on the world we live in. August Women’s Month, with the 9th being the official day of celebration, and though we may never fully express our complete appreciation in a single day, it’s our opportunity to commemorate. It’s our opportunity to celebrate. Our opportunity to acknowledge. Our opportunity to appreciate and pay tribute to the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of the backbones of our society.

South Africa is no stranger to strong, independent and inspirational women. Winnie Mandela, Caster Semenya, Charlize Theron, Miriam Makeba, Ruth First – it’s a long list. But for every icon to grace our covers and make headlines, there are a million mothers whose daily struggles are heroic in their own right. Women’s Month is not just about the women who everyone knows, it’s also about the women who quietly and stoically go about their business on a daily basis.

It’s about the mothers who work long hours to put their kids through school, working women, women who’ve overcome financial difficulty and industry bias to rise to the top of their food chain. The ones who’ve endured, who’ve stood up to bullies, who’ve overcome obstacles and bounced back from atrocities.

It’s for the bravery that is being a woman.

The fortitude required to sacrifice.

It’s an opportunity to remember the ones who’ve left us, the mother’s who never held their new-borns, the sisters who grew up in the shadow of their siblings, the quiet ones who flew under the radar while the extroverts got the attention. There’s more than something magnificent about what it is to be a woman. And, this August, we at Sandton Central would like to wish all our female family members a happy Women’s Month.

So now that we’ve established our women are pretty amazing (and that’s an understatement), the question is how we celebrate them?

First of all, we should state that a material item is by no means the primary method of showing your appreciation. Far from it, in fact. Women are special, and the real secret to showing your appreciation is to embody it. Our superheroes deserve respect, compassion, kindness and understanding. Women’s Day should be every day, as we acknowledge the sacrifice, fortitude and selflessness that is being a woman. However, whilst no single (or multiple) gift can ever fully convey our gratitude, here are a few ideas to help make the day a bit more special…

The perfect gift? The gift of choice.

It can be tricky shopping for women – especially as a guy. People’s tastes vary, their sizes are different (and heaven forbid you get it wrong), you don’t know what’s already in their cupboard – there is an infinite number of variables. Each of them can be the difference between what you thought was the perfect gift and a week on the couch.

So, for a gift that never disappoints and your passport to an entire world of choice, you know what to do. It’s simpler, easier and guaranteed to bring a smile to that face – plus it lets you spend an entire day together without worrying about breaking the bank anymore.

Get them at our Information Kiosks, and ensure you have some form of Identification with you when attempting to purchase.

Dinner, catch a show at Theatre on the Square, head to Sandton Central Park for a dose of fresh air and greenery, or Mushroom Park for a real escape from the hustle of Jozi. The most important things in life are those you can’t put a price on – like time, effort and consideration.

Oh, and a day at Sandton Central – wherever that may take you.

Celebrating Women - Womens Month