All things Foodie

All things Foodie

All things Foodie:
You’ve probably seen a thousand memes, but there’s no other way to put it:

Winter is coming.

In fact, we’re pretty sure it’s already here. It definitely feels like it already. We know it’s hard to find a bright side when things seem pretty drab and dreary, but we’re firm believers in the power of positivity. More so, we believe in the magnificence of winter.

The key is focusing on the opportunities rather than allowing your chattering teeth to distract you. Where others see cold fingers, we see steaming bowls of soup. Where others see icy mornings, we see cosy nights snuggled under a whole lot of blankets. We see warmth, we see love, we see intimate moments and a million different comforts.
Most of all, however, we see comfort food. Lots of it. And, to us, that’s just wonderful.

Sandton Central is known for lots of things. Property, commerce, industry and, of course, the best shopping in Africa. But one of our (not so hidden) talents is our ability to love, facilitate and create the most amazing food.

You know what we’re talking about.

That finger licking, mouth-watering, sumptuous meal you’ve been dreaming about all week. Warm bowls of deliciousness. Tender, juicy meat or steaming, flavourful veg. Soft fluffy pastries baked to perfection. Succulent chicken. Pizza fresh out the oven; gooey, saucy and coated with flavour.

You name it, we’ve got it, and to combat the winter blues we’re discussing all things edible. Now, where do we begin? Let’s start with something different…

Parc Fermé:
We’d like to begin by venturing far and wide with a collection of breakfasts, lunches and dinners that combine the best of French and Mauritian cuisine. Situated in the heart of our CBD, this chic and classy establishment is as pleasing on the eye as it is on the palate. Take a seat and enjoy the décor while you soak in the hustle and bustle of true metropolitan life. Combine this with impeccable service and fresh, sophisticated, indulgent meals and you’ve got a recipe for perfection. Refined yet understated and unbelievably delicious, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Find them at 8 Maude St, Sandton Central, Johannesburg, 2146

All things Foodie

Koi Restaurant:
Is there a better combination than originality and flair? We think not, especially when it comes to a memorable dining experience. Koi has become so famous for its innovative cuisine, we’re pretty sure it’s attained legendary status. Contemporary Asian food amalgamated with a touch of Western style – there’s literally something for everyone.

As far as sushi goes, you can’t get much better than the cream of the crop. Complement this with one of their signature wines or, if you’re not the drinking type, a dose of pure indulgence from their in-house tea-house. Seriously, we can’t think of anything more comforting than hot tea on these cold winter days, and it’s worth a visit alone just for a cup of perfection. Contemporary and refined like the rest of the menu, each flavour is carefully selected and imported from overseas. Once ordered, the brew is handmade for you and served in a Japanese cast iron teapot.

Talk about silver linings this cold season.

24 Central, Shop No 3, Cnr. Fredman Drive &, Gwen Ln, Sandton, 2031

All things Foodie

The Raj:
Let’s be honest, we can’t discuss good food without mentioning Indian cuisine. And, as far as the Far East goes, it doesn’t get better than The Raj.
There’s a reason they’ve been in business since 1995 – they do the simple things well. Actually, we say simple things, but there’s nothing simple about the deep, complex and intricate flavours behind every dish served to eager customers.

In terms of authentic Indian dining experiences, you truly need to look no further. Spicy and delicious yet amazingly traditional, the menu explores (and perfects) classics such as Tikka Masala, Korma and Vindaloo. Just saying the words makes our mouths water.

Our favourite dish is an easy pick and one that should only be missed at your own peril. We’re talking Butter Chicken. Rich, delicate, creamy and delicious (all adjectives you want to hear when discussing food), the dish combines delicate Tandoori chicken in a delectable tomato and cashew nut gravy. Pair this with a butter naan and you literally have heaven on a plate. Alternately, swap the chicken for Paneer (an Indian version of home-made cheese), and you’re guaranteed all the taste with absolutely none of the flavour compromised.

Things are shaping up pretty chilly this season, and we can’t think of a better way to spice up your life.

Shop 17, Lower Retail Level Michelangelo Towers Maude St Sandton Johannesburg ZA 2031, Maude St, Sandown, Sandton, 2031

All things Foodie

You didn’t think we’d leave this out, did you?

The only way to describe Pigalle is “exceeds expectations”. Once you’ve recovered from the sheer beauty of their glass balustrades, mahogany tables, Spanish chandeliers, Italian marble and oil paintings, you can get down to what really matters.

A succulent menu that just screams extravagance, this establishment represents the pinnacle of urban-chic dining experiences. Start off with Escargot, move on to ostrich fillet or lobster thermidor and end with a delectable chocolate mousse. But, then again, any meal is transformed into an unforgettable event once you enter their doors.
The combination of luxury and fine dining is executed perfectly, with the result being a restaurant which has since risen to the top of our bucket lists. If it’s not on yours, you might want to check that.

All things Foodie

Our array of amazing eateries doesn’t stop there – far from it, in fact. There are ample famous franchises like Nandos, Popeyes and Debonairs to suit more conservative budgets. Our coffee shop at the Da Vinci is majestic enough to make you feel like it’s worth it without denting your pocket too much. And, of course, those family friendly favourites such as Nonnas (try the Tiramisu, just take our word for it!) or Rocomamas will always hit the spot.

Ultimately, it comes down to what you feel for. But rest assured, no matter your pallet, there’s comfort food galore within our walls. So next time the winter blues are weighing you down and a good, hearty meal is just what you need to hit the spot, look no further.

You know we’ve got you covered this chilly season.