World Tourism Day: Show Off With Sandton

World Tourism Day: Show Off With Sandton

Travel broadens the mind. When we travel, we explore different people and cultures. It’s been happening since humanity started. We’ve been going to various countries in the past, but due to Covid-19, it’s been restricted. Interprovincial travel is also out of the question, for now, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get to honour Tourism Day on Sunday, 27 September 2020.

We tend to travel to places that are quite far, and usually don’t know, or don’t even bother searching for attractions within our vicinity. However, this year will have to be a little different, and we’re not sure if you know this, but Sandton has a lot of tourism offers.

Tourism Day

This day is to pay tribute to the tourism industry, tourism organisations and their employees, as well as to encourage people to travel. It’s to honour those who do such an excellent job in enabling us to fulfil our goals of visiting different destinations.

Every year there’s a different theme, and this year it’s Tourism: Building Peace. Fostering Knowledge. This encourages people to focus on building peace to enhance global cooperation and promoting mutual understanding within the tourism sector.

Tourism History

Since distant places were available to go and experience, tourism has been a human experience. Initially, it was only for the wealthy because travel was difficult and expensive. Still, people had opportunities to learn foreign languages, experience different cuisines, and generally, see what there was to see.

Tourism can be traced back to the Shulgi period in Ancient China when Kings protected the roads and building waystations for travellers. Important religion travels for Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity started in the Middle Ages that required travelling great distances in the interest of health and spiritual improvement.

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) established Tourism Day in 1980 to promote sustainable, responsible, and universally accessible tourism. It benefits both the tourist, and the visited locations as this is a major driver for economic growth.

How to Celebrate Tourism Day in Sandton

Dig into your dreams and find that place you wish to go and plan a trip in the future. In the meantime, take a closer trip and get yourself in the groove of going out again, experiencing new things and travelling.

Explore what Sandton has to offer now. Unfortunately, all gyms, most hotel stays, parks, and theatres are closed until further notice, but some restaurants are open. Have you taken a selfie or group photo by the majestic six-metre statue of Nelson Mandela yet? C’mon, we know you like photos at statues… Why not take one here as well? Show the world (and other parts of our country) that we have popular attractions too!

It’s funny how we’re so intrigued by museums and libraries in other countries, taking pictures in front of the buildings and inside, but have you been to the Sandton Library? It’s pretty impressive!

Yes, there might not be a lot to do now, but you could educate yourself on how tourism works and see how you can help to protect local heritage, cultural sites, and share the wonders and history of the area. Help raise awareness of the industry and the challenges they face by speaking up for better working conditions, for example.

Another way to spend this day is to share hidden gems of Sandton to help boost an influx of tourists when travelling is granted again. Maybe it’s a hidden fishing spot or the best place to enjoy a peaceful lunch…

Spend the day reflecting on amazing places you had the honour of visiting already, share photos, and start planning your trips for the future.

Happy Tourism Day, Sandton!

Welcome2Joburg – A City Reimagined
Joburg Tourism launched its Welcome2Joburg – A City Reimagined campaign in August, just ahead of Tourism Month 2020.

Currently running on its social media platforms, the campaign is a celebration of the City of Gold (Jozi or Joburg to locals) – whose heritage sites and tourist attractions are still standing after the impact of the global pandemic and as eager as ever to welcome back visitors.

The Welcome2Joburg – A City Reimagined campaign takes potential visitors on a journey of exploring the city’s diverse offerings – ranging from outdoor activities, leisure, and nightlife to heritage, lifestyle, its world class education and business facilities and infrastructure.

“A City Reimagined is a campaign which captures the heart and soul of Joburg, showing its resilience and how the city is back in business as Level 2 Lockdown opens up economic activity in the tourism sector, with strict safety protocols in place. Clearly, Joburg remains a destination to be explored and enjoyed,” says Councillor Lloyd Phillips, MMC for Economic Development in the City of Johannesburg.

Known as the melting pot of Africa, Joburg’s diversity is palpable in its atmosphere and visible on the friendly faces of its people, ever ready to greet visitors in a variety of indigenous languages including ‘kasie taal’. All of this is captured by the campaign, showing off Joburg’s heart and soul, warmth, hospitality and uniquely inviting character. Visit our Twitter (@visitjoburg) and our Facebook page to discover why those who live in Joburg love it – and those who visit our city never forget it!

To view the Welcome2Joburg – A City Reimagined campaign click here: