The Festive Season is approaching, and Black Friday is loading…

The Festive Season is approaching, and Black Friday is loading…

The month we’ve all been waiting for is approaching us… slowly but surely! December is a few days away, and we bet you can’t wait, especially after this horrific year we experienced with Covid-19 and the lockdown. Hopefully, that is something of the past now, touch wood!

Soon, we’ll be on vacation, away from our general environments, if you haven’t been away during October and November already. It’s time for some proper relaxation, deep breathing and just self-reflecting. But surely before this happens, we have to somehow prepare for the festive season, and what better way than Black Friday?!

Black Friday 2020

Black Friday, is on (make a note) 27 November 2020. As always, you can expect massive price cuts, so be sure to check these specials in advance and bring your camping gear for when the stores open their doors extremely early. Coordinate with your friends and be first to line up at any of the stores in Sandton Central. Bring snacks and dress comfortably, because this is going to be extravagant.

The Festive Season

At last the festive season we get to spend with friends and family, especially if you haven’t seen them in a while. None of the other festive seasons could be celebrated, so does it excite you to prepare properly for this one?

We sure are excited about health, food and décor this season holds! We trust that this season will rejuvenate you – mind, body and soul. Obviously, there is barely time for workout during this time and tables of food can be tempting. But don’t let be a test for your willpower, choose to still remain fit and healthy throughout the holiday season.

  • Health: Eat healthy and balanced meals that’ll keep you fuller for longer. Stay hydrated at all times, especially in the hot December sun. Refrain from skipping meals, eat regularly and often – starting with a healthy breakfast and then a meal every two hours after that. The best is to have healthy snacks at hand to enjoy between meals. Avoid late-night eating. Yes, we know that when you have fun, food is the last thing on your mind, but avoid eating within two hours before going to bed as your metabolism slows when you’re asleep. If possible, try to exercise early before the day’s activities start. Most of the times, emotional eating increases over holidays, so practice relaxation but most importantly take deep mindful breaths, relax and enjoy!


  • Food: You don’t want to repeat another ‘lockdown’ on your holiday. Take time to prepare a high protein and fibre breakfast. When you find yourself standing at the buffet table, choose your favourite healthy foods to tank up on and skip the rest. Try and avoid sugary foods that’ll make you crave for more sugary foods. Take small helpings, you can always go for a second round when you feel the need to, but smaller portions are far more satisfying than overdoing it. Add large portions of fruits and veggies to meals like cucumber sticks, and mixed salads.


  • Décor: If you’re decorating yourself or your environment, choose from Sandton’s wide variety in fashion stores and home décor stores. Essentials you should have in the bag is sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, and a towel; you never know what you might be doing even impulsively. Another critical thing to remember to add to your packing list is the presents. Have you ever experienced your heart dropping into your shoes? This is what it feels like when you forget the wrapped gifts.


Good luck with Black Friday, and enjoy prepping for the Festive Season, Sandton!