Universal Children’s Day: Plan something fun and educational.

Universal Children’s Day: Plan something fun and educational.

Children are definitely our future, if you have children of your own or not we should choose to celebrate them. They are tomorrow’s scientists, politicians, doctors and teachers. Therefore we should improve child welfare worldwide, promote and celebrate children’s rights and promote togetherness and awareness amongst all children.

They will inherit everything of humanity – all the accomplishments since its existence – good and bad. Today’s children will be protecting the weak and vulnerable of this world, and they’ll have tough decisions to make to do so.

But before they take over this enormous responsibility, they need to do what they do best – being kids. Universal Children’s Day is dedicated to them to have carefree years while it last and be ready for when responsibilities await them. Let’s review why Friday, 20 November 2020, is the day we should invest in our little ones.

History of Universal Children’s Day

Universal Children’s Day was officially launched in 1954 by the General Assembly of the United Nations. This day is to encourage children all races, creeds and religions to spend time together, getting to know one another and appreciating each other’s differences, and to prompt governments worldwide to pay more attention to the welfare of their youngest citizens.

This is still the case with children’s rights to be protected from violence and discrimination and the rights to life, health and education. So how do we celebrate our youngsters?

Things to do on Universal Children’s Day

The most important is to spend the day with your (or someone else’s) kids by doing something fun and educational.

  • Take your child shopping: Sandton Central offers excellent shopping experience at Sandton City with a variety of clothing stores, but most importantly toys and educational stores including Hamley’s, Heroes of Games and Comics, Lego and Toy Kingdom. Grab a meal afterwards, and spend time together.
  • Take your child outdoors: Some of the most beautiful parks South Africa has to offer, is found right here in Sandton Central. Teach your kids to fly a kite or how to throw and catch a frisbee. See how many birds they can spot and read up on interesting facts.
  • Bond with your child: If you’d rather spend time at home, cook some food with your kids together. Watch a movie or play a board game you haven’t touched in a long time.
  • Craft with your child: Let the creativity fly! Create DIY decorations (you know Christmas is around the corner), or displays to personalise your home like frames or pinwheels.
  • Donate: Many places would accept a donation towards children’s wellbeing. Include your kid in the process so that helping others in need becomes a lifestyle from a young age.

However, you choose to spend this day, ensure to have lots of fun. If the whole family can join, then even better! Let’s encourage our children to live it up!