2021: Save, Upskill, Opportunities & Take Care

2021: Save, Upskill, Opportunities & Take Care

Are you excited to know that a new year is around the corner? A new year, new beginnings, new opportunities and new adventures. Yes, it might be a rollercoaster ride like 2020 has been, but it’s part of life… we’re not supposed to know what’s ahead of us, but we can manage the manageable. This year has taught us a great deal and one of it being prepared.

Actually, 2020 is not a year for the books, so choose to step into 2021 with a plan. We’re referring to saving and budgeting monthly, especially for the unforeseeable, upskilling yourself for the hottest jobs in South Africa, exploring business opportunities and being open-minded to whatever comes your way –  stop doubting yourself, your skills, and what you can do, but most importantly taking care.

Start with setting monthly goals for the next year and push yourself to achieve it. There are 365 days, choose to spend it wisely. Purchase that year planner and start writing! If you really don’t trust the future of buying a planner because it might be a wasted purchase again, download free floral monthly calendars here.

Saving and Budgeting

Many of us have taken salary cuts without savings, and it should’ve opened our eyes to put money away for similar situations. Not to mention all the car repairs and replacements that need to take place because our vehicles weren’t operating for some time. We should stop living paycheck to paycheck, start pushing to pay off debt, have an emergency fund, and start investing more.

There are endless ways to save money and budgeting for the year ahead but again start with your goals and budget accordingly. Know where your hard-earned money goes and what your monthly expenses are. Track and manage your daily personal aspects with this free downloadable Excel budgeting template, here.


Are you familiar with the hottest jobs in South Africa? Familiarise yourself with the demand and upskill yourself in those areas. Yes, it might be way out of your field, but the world is changing, and it’s time to step out of your comfort zone. Resources are open to you to achieve whatever you dream of doing, whether it’s starting a meal service from home or learn how to become a barista – do it, take chances and prosper. You deserve it, and your family deserves to live better healthier lives.

Business Opportunities

Again, it’s critical not to have all your eggs in one basket. Create another mainstream of income by becoming a professional photographer during weekends, especially now when all this year’s weddings are squeezed into the next months, or start a mobile car wash business and offer to wash people’s vehicles at their work or home. Click here for 50 best small business ideas in South Africa for 2021.

Open Mindfulness & Taking Care

Free yourself from this year’s happenings, and from being in complete control of your thoughts. Allow yourself to experience new ideas and look at the world with open eyes. Make yourself vulnerable, yes, it might be one of the scariest things to do, yet, it’s the greatest! Admit you don’t know everything and that there are possibilities you may not have considered, and explore them. Make mistakes and consider others’ perceptions. Falling might not be the best experience but standing up again is fun.

Strengthen yourself through new experiences, gain confidence and be honest with yourself. Challenge the new year with your inner strength and reap the benefits. Take care, Sandton!