Winter-based Activities in Sandton Central

Winter-based Activities in Sandton Central

We’re officially in the winter season, and some of you don’t like the cold, but we know some gets excited about the cosy snuggles and tasty comfort food. We suggest not to let winter keep you from having fun, instead make the best of it!

We’ve gathered some of the best indoor activities for you and your family. Have a look!

Build a cardboard playhouse

This would keep your rascals busy for quite some time. Use a large box, somewhat similar to a fridge box, or any other big box that’ll be big enough for them to decorate and add additional house features. Tape the one end of the box shut with duct tape or strong sellotape. Help your children cut doors (front-and backdoor), and windows. Encourage them to use things around the house – string, bottle caps, empty toilet rolls, etc. – to decorate the home and to add personality to it. Provide them with paint to paint the house’s walls, and you can add another box as the roof, also to be painted.

Make homemade playdough

This will keep them busy for hours, as they find somewhat unusual uses for dough sometimes. There are different recipes to follow in order to make quick and easy dough. We suggest making edible dough because let’s face it, we know that kids are quite experimental, and it covers the senses of touch, smell, taste, and sight all at the same time. Click here for 15 amazing edible playdough recipes.

Sumo wrestling

When you have boys, they sometimes need to blow off some steam. Instead of them murdering each other, why not turn it into something more playful. You can clear out some space in the living room, or have it done outside in the garden when the winter sun is at its highest. Line the corners with some pillows, borrow them old t-shirts that they can also stuff with pillows as barriers. And, round 1…let them wrestle each other. Try not to laugh while you referee the match! 😉

Family cook-off

Decide on a reasonably easy dinner recipe and get the ingredients together. Divide the household into two teams with the exact number of members on each side. If there’s an odd number, let that person be the judge. On each team, there should be at least one adult and one child. Two parents can’t be on the same side, without children, and two children can’t be on the same team, without parents.

Divide the ingredients in half, so that each team gets its share. Make the recipe available to both sides, either placing it on a counter or provide each team with their own paper with the recipe instructions on. Decide on a time, for example, an hour to complete the dish. Consider specific criteria for the judge, such as teamwork, communication, collaboration, execution, taste, and presenting skills.

The teams are not allowed to assist each other, and the judge can film the show as ‘evidence’ and screen when your family enjoys the meal afterwards, and have a good laugh.

Covid-19 time capsule

As we’re living through history right now, children could record the activities during this period in the form of a time capsule to look back on. This could make up some pleasant memories, including photos, art, a daily journal, local newspaper clippings, and other special memories. These 11 worksheets can keep your children busy for some time, with them having to complete things such as their favourite things, emotions, community, special occasions, and creative ways to keep them sane. When they’re done, keep it safe until this uncertain time has passed, and then walk down memory lane and appreciate the fact that you’re part of this chapter in the book of life.