Transport Month: Travelling in Sandton Central

Transport Month: Travelling in Sandton Central

Have you ever wondered what the world be like without transport? Imagine walking to work and back home every day, walking to the shopping centres, walking to friends’ and family’s homes for a get-together…it’ll probably take hours if not days. Luckily, we don’t have to walk to every destination like our ancestors probably did.

Transport is merely just getting in the car and travelling to a specific spot. It involves transport infrastructure services in aviation, maritime, public transport and roads. Therefore, National Transport Month, as declared in October 2005, is to promote sustainable transport solutions walking, cycling, public transport and car travel, as well as to stimulate general reflection on the need to manage unsustainable car use.

It also implies further advancements to the country’s road safety initiatives, while also creating awareness of the economic benefits of the sector. The investments are aimed at stimulating development and creating job opportunities, which will ensure an integrated public transport network – making it a safe, more affordable, accessible and reliable transport system in the country.

The focus is to align rail, roads and public transport to people’s changing ways of accessing work, study and entertainment. We encourage you (civil society and businesses) to partake in this month’s awareness of the significant role of transport.


Since 2010, we’ve been experiencing convenient travelling between Rosebank in Johannesburg and Hatfield with several added anchor stations now at:

  • Johannesburg International Airport
  • Rosebank
  • Sandton
  • Marlboro
  • Midrand
  • Centurion
  • Hatfield
  • Rhodesfield (Kempton Park)
  • Park Station

The Gautrain has a positive impact on the provincial economy, alleviating traffic congestion and rejuvenated several inner cities in Johannesburg and Tshwane. It also created jobs and helped to re-establish the railway sector.

Other benefits include modern public transport that’s greener for a healthier environment. It increases local content, business development and poverty alleviation.

The Gauteng MEC for Public Transport and Roads Infrastructure, Mr Jacob Mamabolo, has launched the October Transport Month (OTM) 2020 and the theme for the month is Smart Mobility.

Smart Mobility is an innovative way of getting around – it is the use of various transport modes that are smarter, cleaner, safer and integrated, and that moves people, goods and services more efficiently. It promotes sustainable mobility and is coupled with numerous urban, social, economic and environmental benefits. It is about using technology to respond to the modern commuter’s needs such as the demand for convenience, access to information at all times, a high tech-adoption rate, time and cost savings and increasing environmentally consciousness with various benefits.

The Gautrain is a smart mobility mode of transport as it provides a smart, clean, safe and integrated public transport service with social, economic, spatial and environmental benefits.

Gautrain passengers can now use their credit or debit cards to tag in and out of stations, buses and parking facilities. This “tap and go” technology is the first phase of a broader “smart ticketing” plan that will extend to other public transport modes with incentives such as interoperator discounts or rebates.

Since its inception as a smart public transport mode the Gautrain has also maintained high levels of operational efficiency. The train service operations achieved an average availability of 99.66% and punctuality of 98.11% over the last year. This was backed by excellent personal and property safety and security within the System keeping incidents below a 1% level. Safety and security targets for Gautrain passengers are met through the security enhancement plans.

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Travelling in Sandton Central

Sandton is a metro station and unique compared to the other stations. Although it’s not the only underground station, it’s the only one with a two-level platform arrangement. Trains heading southbound to Park Station and northbound to Pretoria are on the upper level, and the lower level acts as the terminus for  OR Tambo International Airport-bound trains.

This makes moving around in Sandton Central so much easier with additional, attractive roads and sidewalks whether you’re on foot, by bike, using public transport or a private car. Key pedestrian routes are more walkable, universally accessible and environmentally friendly with street lighting and landscaping.

For buses and minibus taxis, there’s a dedicated public transport loop for all public transport vehicles around Sandton Central. It runs along Rivonia Road, Friedman and 5th Avenue making it easier for commuters using PUTCO, Gauteng Coaches, Metrobus and minibus taxis to end or start their journey in Sandton Central.

Private vehicles can also experience road improvements in traffic congestion. Key projects such as widening roads and bridges also eliminate traffic bottlenecks for private vehicles. Still, the integrated public transport in Alexandra and Sandton will hopefully create a shift from the use of private vehicles to public transportation.

So, have you ever been to Sandton Central? We welcome you to experience South Africa’s vibrant business hub with a safe and convenient transport journey!