Satisfy Your Thirst of Knowledge at The Sandton Library.

Satisfy Your Thirst of Knowledge at The Sandton Library.

Welcome to your library, Sandton! The Sandton Library at Nelson Mandela Square extends far beyond the four walls of a building, and everyone is welcome to use their services!

Due to the worldwide pandemic, our libraries had to adapt to meet their users’ needs and the continuing changing world. They offer opportunities for everyone to explore new worlds and become their best selves through a collection of over 92,000 books and audiobooks, videos, music CDs, language tapes, the local daily and weekly newspapers, periodicals and the Provincial and Government Gazettes.

Join us from 4 to 10 April for Library Week and 12 April for Library Workers Day. Librarians are always helpful and can become your best friends, whether you’re doing research or enjoying education and learning new things. Information maintenance and accumulation is their game, and they deserve respect for their daily abilities. Keeping records and preserving hundreds of years’ history for today’s youth in preparation for the future, is no easy feat.

We encourage you to visit The Sandton Library this week to show your appreciation for librarians and the work they do. Take the celebration online and flood social media by nominating your favourite librarian using the hashtag #LibraryWorkersDay21.

Escape the hubbub in a peaceful, book-filled pleasure place. Get lost in three floors of books, relax on the couches, disappear into a novel, and make use of the computer and Internet facilities. It’s so blissful; we guarantee that you either don’t want to leave or make it a weekly, if not, daily habit.

There are more bookworms out there than gamers; you just don’t realise it because it’s not quite something that everyone announces left, right and centre. However, influence others by sharing this special week and day with family and friends on social – you might be surprised by the engagement and visits to libraries during this period…

The History of Library Workers Day

Libraries have been around since 2600BC in the temples of Sumer, where the earliest forms of writing were discovered on clay tablets. Only in 2003, a resolution was proposed to recognise the hard work, dedication, and expertise of library support staff and librarians. The first celebration of Library Workers Day started in 2004.

Despite everything these workers do, due to the global economy, the budgets and salaries used to keep these traditions alive continue to shrink. Therefore, we need to show our appreciation for librarians’ efforts everywhere while also advocating for better pay wages.

Just as teachers and other educators, they take the time to teach children and students and educating other people. Now is our time to teach everyone else about their jobs, librarians’ history, and how libraries shaped human history.

The Sandton Library is open to all members of the community. Membership is required should you wish to borrow material. To join, take along a copy of your ID and proof of residency and fill out a form at the Sandton Library. There is an annual fee of R48,00, which is absolutely nothing compared to other subscriptions, to be honest.

Will you pop in at least, Sandton?