Sandton trends for 2020

Sandton trends for 2020

Out with the old and in with the new! In 2019, we saw a lot of trends, for example, the rapid growth of plant-based living, flexitarianism and veganism, and South Africans’ anticipation of watching the new release of The Lion King on the big screens.

2020 could be your year of experiencing new things. With everything being transformed into ‘more green’ due to global warming and healthy living, we expect nothing to change in this regard. But heading to the movies once a month could change to visiting more interesting and interacting live theatre productions or getting lost in the abstractism of art exhibitions. Reading new and exciting book releases in an actual library could change a monotonous life into a more riveting existence too.

Considering that South Africans are shifting to a more health-and-planet-conscious lifestyle, we’ll focus on some significant food trends. We also list some theatre, art and book trends you can find right here amid Joburg – Sandton Central.

South Africa’s Food

  • Sustainability: More restaurants will participate in going green with sustainable products and creating less waste by reusing and recycling. Just like the paper straw innovations, restaurants and retailers are pressured to change packaging from plastic to brown cartons and/or brown bags.
  • Cannabis cooking: Some restaurants have already been experimenting, and soon CBD oil will become a full-on food trend. Don’t worry, you won’t get high.
  • Healthy-eating: Restaurants are changing to more plant-based options and started adding free-everything (carb, gluten, lactose) to their menus.
  • Beyond soy for vegans: Retailers are forced to respond and adapt and are encouraging customers to try new vegetarian options and to explore plant-based eating. An example, Steers’ Meat Free Monday movement.
  • Dietary restrictions: Chefs must consider dietaries as it’s becoming more varied and stringent. They use more organic ingredients, using less of certain products and cutting out other items completely.
  • 2020’s hottest food ingredients include flax, CBD oil, kombucha, garlic, chanterelle mushrooms, cacao, popcorn, pumpkin, jackfruit and tempeh.

View Sandton Central’s hottest restaurants here.

Theatre Productions

  • 18 to 29 February: …or not to be…how Shakespeare could change your death.

What if Shakespeare knew something about death that we don’t? Despite the gloomy topic, this show is funny, moving and uplifting. Book now.

  • 3 to 21 March: The Narcissists.

A beautiful Hungarian ex-model, married to an extremely wealthy entrepreneur with severe narcissistic tendencies, consults a self-styled psychotherapist. With humour, poignancy and a degree of shock, the truth behind all three of these difficult personalities is laid bare – and the possibilities for their future. Superb performances by acting luminaries. Book now.

  • 1 to 4 April: Sober sex.

Sober Sex shows Ntosh Madlingozi’s obsessive interest in the human condition that delves into different background observations, self-discovery, male and female dynamics and the unlearning of bad habits. Book now.

  • 7 to 11 April: Olé.

A show for the whole family. Book now.

  • 14 to 25 April: He had it coming.

A multi-sketch revue that employs satire, singing, poetry, humour and drama to comment on a range of contemporary themes. Book now.

  • 28 April to 23 May: Borderline.
  • A gripping, powerful play that deals with complicated family relationships and the consequences of unresolved trauma. Book now.
  • 26 May to 6 June: Loyiso Madinga in Problem Child.

Back after a sold-out run in 2019. Book now.

  • 10 to 20 June: Nik Rabinowitz Live.

South Africa’s funniest Xhosa-speaking Jewish comedian returns to Sandton in 2020. Book now.

Art Exhibitions

  • 29 February to 21 March: Gold, Guns and Paradise.

With Juan Stockenstroom. Curated by Els van Mourik.

  • 4 to 25 April: The New Vanguard.

New discoveries and new work. Curated by Els van Mourik.

  • 30 May to 20 June: Traces of Untold Stories.

With Robyn Denny. Curated by Els van Mourik.

  • 1 to 22 August: #ARTladies.

With female artists. Curated by a guest curator.

  • 29 August to 19 September: Earth, Wind and Fire.

with Chrisél Attewell | Barbara Schroeder. Curated by Els van Mourik.

  • 31 October to 21 November: Urban Myths.

A collaboration with Through the Lens Collective Johannesburg. Curated by Els van Mourik.

For any queries or visiting hours, please follow the link.

Book Releases

Sandton Library offers three floors with a collection of 92 000 books, as well as relaxing couches to disappear into a novel. Here you’ll find a variety of old books with that pleasing biblichor smell as well as newly released books, audiobooks, CDs, language tapes, the local daily and weekly newspapers, periodicals and the Provincial and Government Gazettes.

Here’s a list of trending books to keep in mind for this year:

  1. Against All Odds. The Most Amazing True-Life Story You’ll Ever Read. By Paul Connolly.
  2. The Silent Wife. A gripping emotional page-turner with a twist that will take your breath away. By Kerry Fisher.
  3. Every Woman Should Read This Book. By Tammy Sneed.
  4. This Is Me Letting You Go. By Heidi Priebe.
  5. Everything I Never Told You. By Celeste Ng.
  6. Be the Woman You Want to Be. 150 secrets for becoming happier, sexier, smarter, healthier and wealthier. By Elisabeth Wilson.
  7. This is Going to Hurt. Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor. By Adam Kay.
  8. Mind – A Journey to the Heart of Being Human. By Daniel J. Siegel.
  9. F**k It. The Ultimate Spiritual Way. By John C. Parkin.
  10. The Elephant in the Brain: Hidden Motives in Everyday Life. By Kevin Simler and Robin Hanson.