Sandton Central’s repository of Knowledge

Sandton Central’s repository of Knowledge

Visit Sandton Central’s repository of Knowledge

It’s fitting that directly across from the imposingly Sandton Library building stands the Madiba Statue, hand raised in the air almost as if saluting it. Madiba was well-known for his love of learning. He promoted book-reading and education among the youth as the fast-track to getting far in life.

The Sandton Library is an impressive structure. Many floors high, with a central ramp for those who prefer to avoid taking stairs.

Sandton Library

Each floor caters to a different “market”. The ground floor is where you’ll get your library card, and the librarians will assist you. There are magazines to read, most notably the Financial Mail; excellent for improving your knowledge of current economic-political affairs.

The first floor is a wonderful menagerie of children’s books: the closest section is dedicated to delightful fiction. Children and their parents can easily spend hours sitting by the shelves, paging through story after story. Princesses, adventurers, plucky young heroines… they are all available to take home for a time.

Further on is the children’s non-fiction. Perfect for when parents struggle to answer all the “whys” curious kids ask about the world. Whether exotic animals, mysteries of the world, and why history turned out how it did, there’s plenty to find here.

Sandton Library

Next up, we have the adult’s fiction section. It’s full of thrillers and exciting novels. We found old page-turning master Eric van Lustbader, a writer who seems out of print these days. Many years past, his intense East-meets-West action adventures thrilled readers around the world.
For the more discerning reader, the classics are here too, including Dickens, the Bronte sisters, and George Elliot. And many more besides – there are novels for every type of reader.

We delighted at the adult’s non-fiction section, which is a true repository of knowledge: our history – in fact, everyone’s history – is found here. Those seeking enlightenment of science will find writers such as Bill Bryson, who makes it easy for the layman. Many books full of insight into our universe abound, such as explanations of cosmology – with beautifully accompanying pictures.

And then there’s the biographies. One can learn much from the insights of Richard Branson and the rise of his business empire – if one wants to conquer their dreams, and possibly the world. Or the real-life adventures of Ranulph Fiennes, British explorer.

Sandton Library

The library offers opportunities for students, too. There are computers where assignments can be done in conjunction with the relevant course book – printing out work is also inexpensive, at only 70c for a black & white page. We saw quite a few students on late Saturday afternoon, delving deeply into their books.

Sandton Library provides this opportunity for self-improvement to its visitors. Knowledge lives here and is free to everyone who seeks it. Over 92 000 books are available, as are audio books, videos, music CDs, language tapes, and local daily and weekly newspapers. Even Government Gazettes, if you’re a law student trying to keep track of new laws and amendments.

Membership is open to everyone, you merely need a copy of your ID and proof of residency. There is the perfectly reasonable membership fee of R48 a year.

Winter opening hours from 1 May – 31 August:
Monday – Thursday: 09h00 – 17h30
Friday: 09h00 – 17h00
Saturday: 09h00 – 13h00 (though you can actually visit until 16h45)
Sunday: Closed

1st Wednesday of every month: 13h00 – 17h30