Ready for Get Caught Reading Month?

Ready for Get Caught Reading Month?

It’s Get Caught Reading Month, which means you don’t have to hide away to read without getting accused of being secluded or a bookish nerd. No! You can get lost in another world, go on grand adventures keep thinking deep thoughts with the greatest storytellers and thinkers of all ages. You officially don’t have to hide your obsession anymore!

How did this start?

Get Caught Reading Month is a campaign that was started in 1999 by the American Association of Publishers. It’s a reminder to people of all ages that it’s fun to read. Teachers, librarians, and parents plan reading activities online and in many communities to celebrate. In the United States, it encourages schools to order free posters, to download videos, and join thousands of celebrities, authors, teachers and librarians who enjoy the comfort of a great read.

“Reading is exploring the world without ever leaving your chair!” says Tina Jordan, Vice President of the Association of American Publishers. “And the earlier you start, the smarter you’ll be while having fun at the same time.”

It’s a critical celebrating for people everywhere! Reading has aided to expand people’s minds; they share morals and experiences. It has taught people skills, such as how to survive in certain situations. The ever growing library of fantasy worlds and stories lay ahead of us, ready to fuel our personal methodologies and cultures. If you think about it, where would we be without books? We’ve been introduced from a very young age – your parents reading you bedtime stories, stories you’ve listened to in primary school, up until literature in secondary school. You couldn’t have graduated without textbooks in varsity …you’ve been using all kinds of books during your entire life!

How do you get involved?

Well, it’s merely a matter of picking up a book and start reading it from beginning to end. Forget about other people’s concerns and opinions and start developing your own. Visit May Books online, download or read a book that interests you most from romance to science fiction – throughout your lunch break, during your morning breakfast, or while your kids are taking a bath.

Amazon has also cancelled the subscription on their audiobooks for children of any age as long as schools are closed – from toddlers to teens. Kids anywhere can stream stories from mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. All the audiobooks are available in six different languages.

Here are other materials to consider to read:

  • Buy a magazine and keep it in your bag for when you have time to read.
  • Get a digital reader – many classics are available online for a small fee or no cost.
  • Pick a spot to read and create a routine with your kids and keep it up the whole year.
  • Have books in every room at home – for your spouse, kids, and guests.
  • Relieve stressful situations by encouraging reading – it’s a great way to distract the mind away from worrying and helps to refocus.
  • Read outdoors in the garden under a big tree, or on the patio.
  • Form a virtual book club and share a preview and the lessons from the book you’ve read.
  • Host a book ‘swap party’ – invite other moms and their kids to talk about the books they read or are reading, seeing if the kids would be interested in making it their next book.
  • Host an online book review show where you share your experience about a book and share it on social media.

By practising these simple activities, who knows, you may meet and get to know other enthusiastic readers who share your passion, love your favourite authors, or may even direct you to new authors that you may enjoy.