Quality Time with Dad this Father’s Day

Quality Time with Dad this Father’s Day

Now it’s time for our dads to be spoilt! This June we’re celebrating all fathers and fatherly figures on Sunday, 21 June. If you don’t have any plans yet, we collected some exciting ideas to treat your dad at home!

Invent new cereals

If your dad is one for cereal in the morning suggest making your own by either mixing two boxes of cereal like Rice Krispies and Coco Pops and give the mixture your own name like Krispy Pops, who knows this might become a tradition? You could also add additional products like instead of milk, add your favourite ice-cream flavour and maple syrup to the mix or some freshly chopped fruit such as strawberries. If your dad is more of a proper English breakfast type of man, at least make sure that you have a heartwarming card to go with it.

DIY Father’s Day gift

Gifts can be bought, yes, but how much more special and appreciative when it’s made with love and your own two hands? There are countless gift ideas, but we’ll provide you with some inspiration-setters. If your dad is fond of fishing and has a sweet tooth, then a DIY fish box is a big yes! Grab a plastic organiser and add some fish-type jelly to it. Maybe you can add a note to it saying ‘as soon as we’re allowed, we’re going fishing’. If your old man is someone that loves nuts and dried fruit, search your mother’s kitchen for an empty jar, fill it with your father’s favourites and add a relevant ribbon and handmade sticker saying ‘Dad’s Monster Trail Mix – from your monsters’.

Play backyard games

When was the last time you played games with your father in the backyard? Can you even remember what the game was? Make your own DIY toss game and play doubles with the rest of the family. You’ll need less than 10 materials which you’ll find in and around the house. Children of all ages can play along, and if dad cheats this time…let it slide.😉

Have a braai

We know how dads are, especially when it comes to braaiing. They know how and there’s a specific way to do it. But instead of your dad braaiing this Sunday, state a friendly threat that if he touches the tongs, he’ll be sweeping the floors for the next month. Make your dad feel special, let him enjoy his favourite drink and make conversation about things you don’t necessarily get to talk about. Yes, he’ll still advise you on how to braai from the side, but that just how they are – created to steer the boat into a direction. Serve your dad his favourite meat cuts with the side dish he adores.

Spend one-on-one time together

Out of everything you can do for Father’s Day, the most important remains to spend quality one-on-one time with your dad. Whether it’s making dinner together, trying a new dessert recipe such as brownies or making your own fudge. If possible, try and involve your grandfather, as your dad will appreciate the opportunity to spend the day with his children and his father altogether.

Happy Father’s Day, Sandton!