Heritage Day: Let’s Braai in Unity

Heritage Day: Let’s Braai in Unity

Doesn’t this month just make you feel so refreshed and ready for whatever new opportunities may come your way? With the season changing our landscape to more greenery with colourful blossoms, we can only hope that you feel more alive, more energised with a lust for life again!

We are not living through the best of times at the moment, which will soon pass, but there is so much to be grateful for. We are healthy, living and breathing unique individuals… and we get to extend our gratitude for who we are and what we inherited by celebrating our forebearers.

It’s our annual Heritage Month, and more specifically, Heritage Day on Thursday, 24 September 2020. Yes, we recognise all aspects of South African culture, both tangible and intangible – music, our historical inheritance, language, and the food we eat. It’s our month to embrace social cohesion, nation-building, and to unite in our shared national identity.

The great thing about South Africans is that we always find ways to celebrate this special day through exciting dance and musical concerts or festivals, which is out of the question for now. But we’ve also marked this day as Braai Day because it’s one of the many activities we get to enjoy as a nation with friends and family, as well as other citizens.… we get to honour this day together!

Why should we celebrate?

Usually, during this month we are encouraged to visit our country’s heritage sites, because back in the day, before 1994, museums and monuments were not accessible for everyone. Even if we cannot visit them physically, we should appreciate, preserve, and protect these sites because it represents the history of our country, of us, and you!

Make a note for next year, to visit any of our heritage sites such as Robben Island, Cradle of Humankind, The Cape Floral Region, or Vredefort Dome. By the way, did you know that South Africa is home to 8 of the 981 World Heritage Sites? Pretty impressive, right? But we also have 17 national heritage sites, which means that buildings and infrastructures are adequately preserved when they reach heritage site status.

Celebrate Braai Day

With not many choices this year, we still have Braai Day at least! We know you think that that is the only activity you’ve been practising for the last five months, but this one you get to make extra special! Find something unique to your South African heritage and choose to celebrate it on the day… Whether it’s dancing for or with your family and friends on traditional songs or attempting to make your favourite meal or dessert, choose to enjoy it and share it with others. If you’re planning to share it on social media, use the hashtag #DiscoveringMyHeritage.

The most important part of this month is to support the culture and share it with younger generations. Encourage them to read up on the historical stories and understand what South Africa stands for, and to increase their general knowledge at the same time.

Happy Heritage Month, Sandton!