Easter Weekend 2022: How About an Easter Egg Hunt in Town?!

Easter Weekend 2022: How About an Easter Egg Hunt in Town?!

Easter is around the corner (as you probably know, because of your religion or you’ve been watching this year’s public holidays and long weekends like a hawk…). If you and your family are breaking away between 15 and 18 April 2022, we hope that you have a safe and wonderful time.

But, if you’re spending time in town due to the ridiculous fuel prices and whatnot, we have the perfect Easter egg hunt for you to enjoy with the kiddos right here in Sandton Central!

Easter Egg Hunt for Children in Sandton Central

  1. Time to Get Those Easter Hunt Bags!

First of all, we need to remember that the aim of any Easter hunt is to find the hidden eggs with hopes of winning a prize, but most importantly, having fun by adding twists to make it even more egg-citing!

Moms, dads, we hope you’re ready! Tip: every family member needs a bag, depending on the eggs you’ll be hiding as you go along as ‘the Easter bunny’. Ensure the bags are comfortable for the kids because their bags will get heavier as yours get lighter.

Hop into The Crazy Store at Benmore Centre for some Plastic Easter Hunt Baskets for only R29.99 each, or visit Woolies in Sandton City for Easter Bunny Hunt Bags for R 99.99. While you’re there, grab a few Easter Headbands, too – only R 69.99.

  1. Keep Calm & Egg On.

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! However, maybe it’s time for a break?! Instead of just buying the ol’ boring hollow eggs (which is a bit of daylight robbery), go for some interesting fillings to give kids an extra surprising experience, such as Cadbury’s crème eggs, KitKat chocolate Easter bunny, and Beacon Bunny Chocolate & Popcorn Treats. You can find these anywhere, really, but Checkers Hyper in Sandton City should be your first stop!

  1. Ready, Set, Egg Hunt!

Easter Egg Hunting in Sandton Central

Let the fun begin! In Sandton, there are various starting points, but it’ll be easier to map out the hunt if you know where the endpoint should be.

For example, you can start at the Michelangelo Hotel, safely work your way through the streets (remember to hide eggs along the way!) towards the Sandton Library at Nelson Mandela Square. Once there, you can share a clue with the kids to guess the next destination.

Let’s say you’re heading to the Theatre on the Square next; your clue could be ‘drama on a stage.’ The library clue can even be Easter-related: ‘the book, Peter Rabbit, is available in this place; where could it be?’

Visit at least 3 to 5 spots and make sure you have an egg-hiding partner with you so one of you can guide the kids, while the other one hides the next eggs. Tell them about the surroundings and offer them a treat for playing along, guessing clues correctly, and just having fun!

As we mentioned in the beginning, an ideal endpoint would be at one of the beautiful parks Sandton offers. It’s your choice, but it’s here where we’ll keep most of the treats to be found – there’s ample space and lots of hiding places!

Here are other free downloadable ideas to help you with the planning:

After an eventful day, you don’t have to drive back from wherever; make a booking at Hilton Sandton for Sunday, 17 April 2022, for only R550 per person (children aged 0 to 6 stay free and between ages 7 to 13 get 50% off). They’re also hosting an Easter egg hunt for the tiny humans and lots of delicious food!

Alternative Easter Celebrations in Sandton Central

But if you don’t have kids, there are alternatives – Easter at Africa’s Highest Urban Bar – Alto234 – where you can spend quality time with family and friends over the long weekend. Pay R300 per person and receive a glass of Moët & Chandon and Nestle L’atelier Dark Caramel Chocolate. Find out more here.

The Leonardo has plenty to offer and is a great option to spoil loved ones or enjoy some relaxed downtime. Whether you choose to toast the sunset at Alto234 (as mentioned above), dine at AURUM Restaurant, spend the night in one of their luxurious suites, pamper yourself at The Leonardo Spa, or embark on a majestic art tour, their team will ensure that your visit is memorable. Contact them to hear about their special packages today!

Happy, hoppy Easter to you, Sandton Central! Wishing you a delightful season.