The New Year Slump: How to avoid a disappointing NYE party with Sandton Central

The New Year Slump: How to avoid a disappointing NYE party with Sandton Central

We’ve all had that feeling: New Year’s Eve will be “the night.” The final party to see out the year and set the tone for the next one in magnificent, sparkling fireworks. We’ll daydream about it when Christmas lunch has had time to digest and start planning our movements like military tactics days in advance. We’ll call the friends, envision the plan of action, get ready to set off and … oh. That was it? Really?

Come the following day, we wake up feeling worse for wear and a little underwhelmed. Whether we got turned away from an at-capacity venue, we didn’t get to peck the one we wanted on the countdown, we were exhausted by midnight, or the vibes were just sub-par, it’s called the “New Year’s Slump.” And it’s not a fun way to kick off the first of January. Thankfully, the NYE veterans over at Sandton Central have some tips to help you fend off this feeling in 2023:

  1. Set Your Expectations Low

It probably sounds negative, but if you really think about it, not expecting absolute magic to happen on New Year’s Eve means that if it DOES happen, it will be double as exciting! We know the temptation exists to give in to the hype, but if you consciously keep your mood surrounding this event low-key, you might even find yourself pleasantly surprised.

Many people hinge a lot of emotion around this night, so the energy in the air tends to be wound up. Having a calming presence will endear you to any new people you might meet! A great way to do this is by having a mental “back up plan” that you’re excited about in case it doesn’t work out. Think a book you’ve been really wanting to read from Exclusive Books, Sandton City, waiting for you at home, or a ticket voucher at Ster Kinekor for a movie night!


  1. Don’t Stray Too Far from Home

New Year’s Eve is the night when everyone, even your most introverted friends, has the same idea: hit the town! While we understand everyone’s motivation, this means the roads, public transport, and private taxi services are experiencing their fullest capacity for the whole year. As a customer, you might struggle to find a ride, which is essential if you plan on staying late or consuming alcohol. These services also charge surge fees when they’re busy, so you could be paying almost triple what you’re used to for even a moderate distance.

The solution? Stay where the party’s at! When you choose to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Sandton Central, we’ve also got a host (see what we did there?) of hotels for every budget within walking distance of the CBD. You get to stay up as late as you want to enjoy yourself and wake up to a delicious hotel breakfast in the morning, too! Take a look at the hotels we have to offer and book in advance today!

  1. Plan A House Party 

Maybe this is the year you don’t want to go out on New Year’s Eve at all? We don’t blame you; the slump can really be a tough one to wrangle. A great way to celebrate and stay social is by planning a gathering at your home. This way, you can control the timing, the circumstances, the catering and – most importantly – the crowd.

It’s up to you whether you want to throw a total rager like in those American teen movies or keep it low-key with just a few close friends. What will determine the night’s success, though, is your level of party prep. Grab the most festive décor around at Cardies in Sandton City, then grab some snack platters at The Bread Basket, top up on liquid refreshments at Appto Liquor, and you’re countdown ready!

  1. Pick One Event and Stay There

With all the parties going on, we know it can be tempting to plan an adventure in which you go on a wondrous journey through multiple events. Do not attempt to do this. We know it sounds possible, but the more variables you add to your plan, the more likely that one might go wrong, and your night might end up snowballing into the slump. We’ve experienced this and learned it the hard way so that you don’t have to! This makes choosing the right New Year’s event imperative. We’ve compiled a guide of upcoming events in the Sandton Central area, and if you keep an eye on it, you’re sure to find your perfect party!

As the year winds to a close, we’ve all earned a celebration – and the community of Sandton Central knows how to make yours an enjoyable one! Whether you’re keeping it low-key, staying over with us, hosting your own thing or gearing up for a specific event, we’ve got you covered. The start to your year is essential; we know we can help you start it right. Let the countdown to fresh starts begin!