Back-to-school: preparing for a new school year

Back-to-school: preparing for a new school year

A back-to-school checklist for parents

Can you smell it? It’s the smell of freshly wrapped books, shoe polish and new pencils. It’s that time of year again – the kids are going back to school, and parents are getting ready for another term of homework, after school activities, lunches, and carpools. As the new school year approaches, it can get a bit overwhelming and difficult to keep track of everything.

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together a checklist of back-to-school essentials to help make the transition a little easier. From new clothes and supplies to lunch ideas, we’ve got you covered. So, take a deep breath, and read on for some helpful tips.

The back-to-school checklist:

Here are the most important things to prepare and purchase before the big day.

  • School clothes

Checking all school clothes is probably one of the best tasks to start with. Especially if you’re still dealing with pre and primary school children who seem to grow a little every minute. Check if everything still fits and if anything needs mending. When dealing with a first-timer, schools nowadays have allocated stores where their specific school uniforms can be purchased. Get there early to avoid items being out of stock. On the other hand, shoes can be a bit easier to find. Pop into @shoemark at Benmore Centre, Woolworths or Edgars (Sandton City) for those.

Also, note that buying your child’s school uniform can be one of the most expensive items to check off the list.

  • Backpack

It’s worth getting a good quality school bag because this is one of the items that will be used the most and can last long if you purchase right. Find out from your school if they have any preferred or recommended bags like the popular Cadii Bag with wheels.

Some important extras to pack include wipes, sanitiser, masks, tissues, deodorant, and a water bottle. These are all easily found at a store like Clicks (The Marc – UR 06).

  • Stationery

You’ve surely been there before, standing in a store aisle wondering what to get your kids for the new school year. Nowadays schools have made it easy by supplying a list of all the necessary items they’ll need for the new term. Each grade will have different stationery items needed. Be sure to take that list along to a store like CNA or Sandton Stationery & Print to get the right stuff. Tip: Remember to label your child’s stuff, including their school clothes!

  • Lunch

The best thing you can do for your child every morning is pack a healthy lunch. But with so many options to choose from, it can be hard to know what’s the healthiest choice. BabyYumYum has some great lunch ideas that even an adult would like. Also, take a look at Feel Good Foodie’s Instagram stories for awesome lunchbox tips and tricks.

Stock up on all the yummy and wholesome lunch ingredients and snacks at Woolworths Food at Benmore. Pick ‘n Pay, Woolies, and Clicks (The Marc – UR 06) will be able to help with loads of lunch box options.

  • Family Planner

Having a big family planner up somewhere in the house where everyone can see it is perfect for keeping everyone up to date and on top of things. Have a weekly, monthly, and year calendar to point out all the important events and deadlines happening throughout the year. Add test and exam days, sporting events, playdates, and holidays to the planner.

  • Necessary appointments

Schedule the necessary appointments for the kids before school starts. Head to Sandton City’s Sorbet Man or Benmore Centre’s Sorbet for a fresh haircut after the long summer holiday. Also, remember to check up on those eyes. The Marc’s Execuspec (LR 14) can help with an eye test and some trendy glasses if they are needed. Book a test here.

Try to implement the new school morning routine and early bedtime a week in advance so that the kids are used to the early rising before the actual big day. Oh, yes, and don’t forget to take a snap of the first day!

Good luck to all pupils and parents for the year ahead!