1 April 2022: Ready, Set, Prank in Sandton Central!

1 April 2022: Ready, Set, Prank in Sandton Central!

The 1st of April means only one thing, and we hope that all you pranksters are in your element! Mark this Friday in your calendar and play along because these past two years have sucked, and everyone could do with a bit of laughter… even if it’s only afterwards. After all, you want to be the prankster and not the prankee, right?!

We can help you with April Fools ideas for kids, parents, baes, and friends, throwing them for a loop in fun and innocent ways that won’t cause any harm. Annnnd, as a plus, for an apology, we’ll show you the places in Sandton Central to take your ‘fool’ to say sorry.

April Fools 2022 Ideas & How To Say ‘Sorry’Coffee April's Fools Prank

Coffeeholics: If your victim is a morning coffee freak, offer to make the first cup for the day (being polite, you know). Then, instead of sugar, opt for salt… we know this is borderline cruel and that specific person won’t be too happy – gua-ran-teed! However, it will soon pass when you treat the person to extraordinary coffee at  Vida e Café in Sandton! You’ll probably have to stick them for breakfast too.Peanut Butter April's Fools Prank

Peanut Butter: You must’ve seen the pranks online already, but have you tried this with your children yet? Take smooth peanut butter, put it on your finger, call your kids to bring you toilet paper, and ensure to momentarily gross them out by transferring a bit onto their hands. Take it a step further with a quick lick! Remember your smartphone to capture those faces, then take them on an excursion to Emazulwini Sweets or The Nut Lady in Benmore Centre.Computer April's Fools Prank

Upside Down: When a person’s computer is on, and they’ve stepped out, quickly press CTRL + ALT + Down Arrow for Windows, and for Mac, go to System Preferences. Hold Command and Option while clicking on Display, and then hit the ‘180’ option. It can become quite amusing watching them trying to fix their computer screens with twisted heads. Restore the peace by strolling with them through The Marc’s new store – Eden Tech – for the latest gadgets!Shower April's Fools PrankShower Them: Does your significant other love to shower in the mornings? Perhaps, there’s something you’ve begged them to do in or around the house, and you’re still waiting… payback time! Unscrew the showerhead, place a beef or chicken stock cube and wait for the water to stream down. Your victim will prob have to shower again or smell like a delicious broth the whole day…nevertheless, show them that you still care with the perfect mist from Hugo Boss Red or Lush in Sandton City.Jelly April's Fools PrankJelly Their Favourite: You need a good amount of time for this one. Choose your prankee’s favourite everyday tool, gadget or accessory that they can’t go without. Make a batch of jelly and put it in the fridge to set, place the item on the set jelly, and add another batch of jelly. Yes, this is the Jell-O trick from The Office, and if they’re a fan, they’ll have a pretty good laugh too! Depending on what it is, we suggest you visit any of Sandton Central’s stores to either match the item to a new one or something alternative.

The whole family can get in on these easy and safe ideas, even combining them! Happy April Fools Day, Sandton – time to get to work! 😉