Wishing you a crackin’ Easter in Sandton Central.

Wishing you a crackin’ Easter in Sandton Central.

Easter  Weekend in Sandton is here, spreading the colourful cheer! We hope that love and peace will fill your life, on Easter Friday (2 April), right through Easter Monday (also known as Family Day, 5 April). Our children are starting to get excited about the Easter bunny and scavenging for Easter eggs, and we’re trying to keep their spirits lifted high through DIY Easter arts and crafts. What a wonderful time!

Easter in an… (Egg)shell

Although many only think of Easter as another festive season with bunny ears and chocolate eggs, it’s actually a Christian holiday that celebrates the belief in Jesus Christ’s resurrection. After his crucifixion, death, and burial, three days later, he arose from the grave. Easter is usually celebrated over a weekend, but the dates differ annually.

If you’re curious about where the Easter bunny and eggs originated from, here’s a quick summary: The egg is an ancient symbol of new life. Eating eggs weren’t allowed for church leaders during the week leading up to Easter, known as Holy Week. So eggs lain during this week were saved, decorated and given to children as gifts. Later, the Victorians adopted the tradition but filled satin-covered cardboard eggs with Easter gifts. Today, we enjoy the tradition of munching on chocolate Easter eggs.

These eggs are not only eggs but have grown into a variety of options, from white and coloured candy-coated chocolate eggs, chocolate-coated marshmallow eggs, foiled easter eggs to chocolate Easter bunnies. And guess what? In Sandton Central, they’re plentiful!

Buy Easter eggs and bunnies this Easter Weekend In Sandton

You can buy Easter eggs and bunnies from Spar in Atholl Square, Pick n Pay and Clicks in Benmore Centre, Checkers Hyper, Lindt, and Woolworths in Sandton City, or Clicks, Food Lovers, or Pick n Pay in The Marc.

Keep an eye on our social for other tenant promotions – Facebook and Instagram – or contact any of Sandton Central’s stores to inquire about their unique Easter offerings.

Let the hunt begin!

As we all know, ‘the Easter bunny’ should hide all the chocolate eggs and bunnies for the kids to scavenge, and whatever they can find, they’ll put in their basket to endeavour at a later stage. It’s totally up to you if you wish to do this at home, usually in the garden or inside the house, but if you’re keen to try something different this year, we suggest packing a picnic basket and enjoy the last bit of greenery we’ll see in a while.

Of course, we’re talking about exploring our beautiful parks right here in the heart of our busy city. Choose between George Lee Park, Innesfree Park, Mushroom Park, or Sandton Central Park. Make it an Easter to remember, especially for the little fellows.

If you’re looking for some inspiration to DIY crafts, the children could use during their hunt, have a look at this easy tutorial for a bunny ears headband and these DIY Easter basket designs.

Happy Easter to you and your family, Sandton Central!