Upcoming Fashion Trends

Upcoming Fashion Trends

Upcoming Fashion Trends – Sandton is undeniably the business and financial hub of South Africa but it’s other accolade, fashion hub, is regularly forgotten.

With the copious amount of youth who form part of the up and coming Sandton workforce, the streets are-a-changin’ and we love it!  The below are some of the many fashion-forward trends seen on or coming to the streets of Sandton.

– Clothes with a cause

This generation of up and comers are one of the most socially and ethically conscious yet and care largely for the greater good of the planet and all things that reside in it. This is reflected in their fashion where they consider and choose apparel depending on the manufacturing process and how it affects the planet.

There has been a significant rise in earth-friendly apparel with many popular brands partnering with organisations like the Better Cotton Initiative to better their sourcing production practices. One such brand is Woolworth with their corporate commitment across all their house brands along with the collaboration with Pharrell Williams.

Dis-chem houses the earth-friendly bamboo clothing range Boody Wear while there are a number of online stores and eco directories available, one of the most prominent and intensive being Faithful to Nature.

Upcoming Fashion Trends

– Not so form-fitting

Tailored is out while tomboyish is in. The generously-cut trend is particularly predominant in female suits and trousers which subtly, and aptly, conveys an empowering message in the corporate world: focus on my brain not my booty. These women are here for business!

We do, however, hope that the tailored look will remain a trend in the men’s division. Yes, please!

Upcoming Fashion Trends

– Pleats

From shirts to shorts and skirts to scarves, pleats are in! This feminine and timeless trend has extended from the proverbial knee-length skirts donned in the 80s into much loved interpretations such as the car wash pleat.

Upcoming Fashion Trends

– Outrageous Sleeves

Statement pieces such as tiered, flared, ruffled, bell or balloon-shaped sleeves are all the fuss.

This together with minimalistic colours and material makes doing the most ordinary task look extraordinarily sophisticated.

Upcoming Fashion Trends

– Shoulder Slouch

Keeping with sophistication, the newest way to wear your coat is to barely wear it at all.  This street style whereby you simple drape your coat/jacket over your shoulders, without using the sleeves, projects that oh-so-casual, not-even-trying feel while speaking volumes in style.

Upcoming Fashion Trends

– Twinning

This new trend ironically rejects the conventional appeal of the fashion industry; individuality, originality and newness. The embarrassment of wearing the same or similar to another is the same vicinity is old news, now we embrace it!

Sisters aren’t doing it for themselves. They are doing it together.

Upcoming Fashion Trends

– Afro Punk

This magnificent merger of culture, heritage and location into style has made its mark.

The beauty of such amalgamation is not only inclusive but ingenious and inspiring!

Upcoming Fashion Trends

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