SA Fashion Week 2019

SA Fashion Week 2019

SA Fashion Week

There’s something special about our African style culture. The bright vibrant colours. The funky patterns. The seamless amalgamation of our rich and deep history with modern inspiration. There’s no two ways about it; us Africans have style.

We’re a continent full of character, bursting with talent and packed to the rafters with hungry, gifted designers, and this October presents yet another opportunity to showcase exactly what we can do.

The beauty of fashion lies in its ability to transcend the boundaries of conventional society. This presents the ultimate opportunity for young designers to showcase their abilities to a greater audience free from judgement or social constructs. There are no labels, stereotypes or preconceived notions in fashion- just art in its more free and pure form being appreciated for what it is.
In recent years, what began as a showcase has since evolved into something more.

Through the implementation of business strategies aimed at fostering sustainable growth, SAFW has now become a means of empowering its participants. 2013 saw the introduction of the 21 Steps to Retail Education program, which navigates designers through fields ranging from design to the retail itself. More than 60% of its alumni can now be found in leading fashion outlets since its inception. From budding creators to established household names, SA Fashion Week is the ultimate platform to begin, build or completely rejuvenate a career.

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So, what can we expect?
Talent, hunger and desire in abundance. Designers will be provided with a means of justifying their status as the best of the best, each looking to outdo the other. Last year was the fifth year running that men’s fashion had its own two-day segment, so expect major strides in that department as well.

Most importantly, however, is that participants and retailers alike have grown to understand its potential. The various doors opened for aspirant style icons gives it the propensity to completely catapult a career or revive struggling brands. In other words, everyone is bringing their A game.

Why should you be interested?
It’s simple. SAFW presents the perfect amalgamation of style, design, technique and hunger. Whether you have an eye for good fashion, appreciate talent or just want to mingle with the A-listers, this is rapidly shaping up to be the hottest and most empowering occasion of the year. Maybe you want to spot your new head turning outfit, meet the next big thing, or just spend a day surrounded by cool and creative people brimming with ideas and overflowing with talent.

Whatever your interests, you most definitely don’t want to sit this one out – take our word for it.

Join us for the Autumn/Winter 2019 Collections with SAFW Women, showing from the 23rd to the 25th, followed by SAFW Men on the 26th and 27th October.

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