Realistic ways to keep healthy while on the move

Realistic ways to keep healthy while on the move

No matter how much you may want to start making healthy choices it often feels like there simply isn’t time.

If your mornings consist of grabbing on-the-go energy bars rather than whipping up a tasty and nutritional breakfast. And when faced with the decision to work an extra hour rather than cook dinner or relax, you’ve opted to work more.

Many think that budgeting time more will result in diminishing your production cycle. False. If you’re on-the-go 24/7 it’s vital to remember that your body needs nutrients to do its job. The more you work and push your body – the healthier foods you need to go into it. You can be both the busiest and the healthiest version of yourself.

We know it easier said than done but, you’ll notice the changes in your body and mind and won’t ever stop!

Our number one rule: Be disciplined but also be realistic.


1. What every mom, doctor, uncle, a friend has told us: Drink lots of water.

How do we put it into action? Drink a big glass of water upon waking in the morning, and the buy a 1 Litre bottle of water. Keep it at your desk, make sure by the time you’re heading home the bottle is almost finished. Make sure you’re drinking the right amount of water specific to your body.

Yes, there is such a thing as drinking too much water! Calculate what your daily intake of water should be HERE

2. Become besties with the microwave

Microwave meals may be daunting to someone who focuses on living a healthy lifestyle. The images of greyish-white looking meat and so on. What we mean by this is that there are microwave meals that can take less than two minutes to make. Make a one-minute quiche in a mug, quinoa dish or even a tasty fish dinner.

It does not have to be complicated and doesn’t require much prep either.

3. Take advantage of your weekends

Make the most of a couple of free hours on the weekend, go do some grocery shopping and start cooking!

We suggest you make two or three different meals, pack into containers for the week and voila! You always have healthy homemade food in your fridge – simply defrost and warm up and you’ve got dinner or lunch at work ready in a couple of minutes.

It’s vital to remember that to keep healthy on-the-go it does not have to be complicated!

Keep it simple.

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