National Women’s Day: Equality for All!

National Women’s Day: Equality for All!

Excellence is not gender-specific, and that’s why we celebrate National Women’s Day on Monday, 9 August 2021, and throughout the month, under the theme “Generation Equality: Realising Women’s Rights for an Equal Future”. This is a global campaign that links South Africa to efforts in achieving worldwide gender equality by 2030.

Unfortunately, women have had a long history of oppression. Still, every fight so far, from the thousands of women who marched on the day in 1965 to other women who served as pioneers of the women’s movement from Charlotte Maxeke, Cissy, Jaynab and Amina Gool to Elizabeth Abrahams, gets us one step closer to freedom and equality.

Celebrating National Women’s Day Today

Even modern women who manage their households or work teams, run departments, companies or countries with resilience, patience and love are worth honouring! Daily, women struggle to juggle commitments and loads of responsibilities, and they look fantastic while getting it done, too!

But if you feel that you’ve neglected yourself in taking care of everything and everyone else, we want to encourage you to take this public holiday and, yes, be a little selfish but celebrate the little, or big,  things in your life!

Take a day off from cooking, cleaning and making sure everything is pristine. Recognise other women on your path and host mini-celebrations even if it’s just a ‘well done’ or ‘you go, girl!’. Inspire other women with small talk and success stories – set an example for them to follow.

Acknowledge Your Womanhood in August

It’s just one month out of twelve where you can choose to spoil yourself. In Sandton Central, you will find special deals for ladies at restaurants, cafés, and fashion clothing stores. The question here is not who will let you, but who’s going to stop you!

So grab your handbag, honey – move out to your favourite spots in Sandton and live a little! Yes, we’re amid a pandemic, but even with the regulations and precautions in place to keep you safe, you are entitled to have a good time; after all, life still goes on…

Eat and drink, enjoy the outdoors and have a courageous blast in the revolution. Sandton is your playground; make it count!

Your Future as a Woman in South Africa

The same work opportunities as men might be a little scant, however slowly but surely, it’s increasing because women are driving transformation and contributing to a global reset. The focus for the next couple of years is on equal representation and women’s empowerment, women’s health and ending violence against women.

There are initiatives, organisations, programmes and awards empowering future female leaders. Just a thought, we haven’t had a female president as yet, but it might change… Can you imagine a woman making decisions for the better of our country? We sure can!

Anyways, we want to leave you with the same thought we’ve started this blog with – excellence is not gender-specific. You’re doing great already, and we want to encourage you not to wait for doors to open – make it happen instead. You are intelligent, strong, and you can do anything!

Take care, ladies, and remember that there are no restrictions… Happy National Women’s Day!