Discover Crafting as Your New Hobby during Craft Month!

Discover Crafting as Your New Hobby during Craft Month!

Since childhood, we’ve all been making fun things. Whether in pre-school, primary or even in high school! Some might have loved it, and others might have hated it, giving these tasks to parents, because let’s be frank, they were undoubtedly better at it than you…

Paper monsters, fluffy pom-poms from wool, making your own decoupage boxes and decorations, and building your own volcano are just a few of the projects most of us had encountered. But who said that the fun had to stop because you grew up, especially if you’re part of the group that loved it? Or even if you hated it and have grown up making things you’re actually interested in?

No one! That’s why March is all about celebrating crafty little hobbies that keep you occupied on those gloomy days. No matter the craft you’ve chosen, celebrate Craft Month with us and get ready to get stuck into whatever creativity you can come up with!

Get your creative supplies, work on your design and pull your skills together to bring your idea to life. Your chosen material could differ from paper and woods to fabrics, paint, and metal crafts…possibilities are endless – just ensure to pack your creative side and find inspiration at Sandton Central’s most crafty supplies stores.

We’re listing the arts and crafts suppliers in Sandton and surrounds so that you don’t have to waste time on search but rather spend your time on getting those creative juices flowing –

Benmore Centre 

Sandton City 

The Marc 

Fast Forward to the Fun!

This is an excellent opportunity to start a new hobby, share with others what you already have or learn your kiddos to think outside the box.  There are an array of arts and crafts suppliers in Sandton that will make your hobby come to life.   If you’re not quite artistic, relax, we’re giving things a go anyways! Channel your inner artist and make a gift for upcoming birthdays and anniversaries – it’s more appreciated always, and what could possibly go wrong?

We’re showering you with a few ideas in a moment, but if you’re not entirely keen on crafting yourself (even though we’re challenging you) purchase beautiful handmade items from either Handmade by Beth, Made in SA, or Out of Africa.

  1. DIY Beauty – If you’re concerned about what exactly you’re putting on your skin, make your own beauty products from lip balm to body scrubs.
  2. Wall Art & Framing – Create the perfect display with photos on your home’s walls – go so far in creating your own frames.
  3. Gilding – Add gold to hard-surfaced items for a pop of glam such as bowls and glasses.
  4. Nature Crafts – Fresh floral bouquets are one thing but dried, and preserved flowers and leaves could make for lovely embellishments on cards, wreaths, bookmarks, etc.
  5. Painting, Stenciling, and Marbeling – Transform a placemat, fabric or a pumpkin with a brushstroke.
  6. Soapmaking – Search for soapmaking techniques to make beautiful and delicious-smelling soap for some self-indulgence. It’s quite practical too!
  7. Glass Etching – Etching is easy; you just need etching cream – no heavy equipment needed. Who thought that glass etching could be so easy?!

There are certainly plenty of crafting ideas and techniques to choose from, but whatever attracts you, ensure that you have loads of fun! Happy crafting, Sandton Central!