Consumer Rights Day: #BetterDigitalWorld

Consumer Rights Day: #BetterDigitalWorld

Consumer Rights Day for Consumers

You might think that this is a very dull topic, but have you ever purchased something and had to return it? Then we have news for you! You’ve practised your consumer rights. Did you know that you had consumer rights? Probably not, because it wasn’t easily defined or enforced, but things have changed since the organisation, Consumers International, brought awareness to these rights in 1983.

15 March marks World Consumer Rights Day annually to raise global awareness about consumers’, including your, rights and needs. Consumers’ rights should be respected and protected, and any abuses and social injustices against these rights should be eliminated. Consumers are often left at a disadvantage with organisations and governments they encounter, leaving them exposed to unsafe, unfair or unethical practice.

President John F Kennedy initiated the first consumer movement – the first leader to do so. Now, every year important issues and campaigns mobilise action against the abovementioned. The purpose is to drive change in the global marketplace that can’t be achieved at a national level alone – to ensure consumers are treated safely, fairly and honestly. To ensure that the consumers’ voice is as powerful as the governments and organisations they interact with.

This is done by building a digital world that consumers can trust, sustainable consumption, consumer protection and advocacy during the Covid-19 pandemic, advancing excellence in global consumer protection, and grants open to Consumers International members to empower and champion consumers across the world. Read more about it here.

Client’s Day for Organisations

World Consumer Rights Day can also be linked to Client’s Day on Friday, 19 March 2021. The fact is that businesses can’t exist without clients no matter if it’s the physical visitors or the ones shopping online. Showing appreciation, while protecting their rights, is critical. It lets customers know how glad the organisation is to have them as customers and celebrate them.

This is the perfect day for organisations to plan something special for consumers. It doesn’t necessarily have to be grand because let’s face it, not every organisation has the budget for this. It’s the thought that counts and could be something small. For example, if your organisation is a bakery give every consumer a bag of cookies when they purchase something just to say thank you, or if you have a carwash, give a complimentary tyre polish to show your appreciation. These things are little to no cost to an organisation, but it’ll definitely make consumers smile.

If you can’t see your clients physically, perhaps a phone call now and again could reflect your recognition. That kind, personal touch is what it’s all about and will be remembered for a long time.

If you choose to participate in Client’s Day, post it to social media using the #BetterDigitalWorld hashtag and join the movement of protecting and valuing our consumers.

Happy World Consumer Rights Day, and Client’s Day, Sandton Central!