Celebrate Women’s Month: Empower yourself

Celebrate Women’s Month: Empower yourself

Celebrate Women’s Month: Empower yourself.

Women’s Day, this past 9 August, is an august day in our history. In 1956, 20 000 women of all races, creeds, and religious groups marched together. At the time, the Apartheid Government had passed an incredibly absurd new legal injustice. ‘The Pass Laws’ were an intricate system of passport requirements required by African black South Africans.

They were required to have passports for travelling around their own country. It formed part of an effort to segregate society, and to economically marginalise the vast majority of it.

These 20 000 women marched against this, in the face of a dangerous, ruthless government that had threatened the use of force. All the way to the Union Buildings they walked in sisterhood, creating an international media stir that helped put the floodlight on Apartheid South Africa.

9 August is the day to pay homage to their defiance and bravery. Their leading the fight.

And so, this month, we honour the women in our society for the role they’ve played in binding us together, nurturing us, and building us. Millions of women work hard, some struggling every day to provide for their families. Others juggling a myriad of responsibilities as they build their careers. But there’s been an awakening, leading to a dismemberment of patriarchy: the misguided belief women should be subservient to men. That they have little to contribute to society outside of nursing, teaching, and raising the kids.

The truth is, some of our brightest doctors, most talented businesspersons, most dedicated police officers, and most inspiring professors, are women. We are a country proud of the positions many women now hold.

And right now, it’s our economy is in dire need of nurturing. So, it’s fitting that women have a major role to play. There’s opportunity in South Africa for entrepreneurs with vision. And in 2019, women who have this vision get to cultivate it.

The Maslow Hotel, Sandton Central’s own centre of business meets leisure, a place of meetings of minds while enjoying the finest facilities, is hosting a special conference.

The SA Women’s Entrepreneurship Conference 2019.

Where women from all walks of life will have the chance to network. To learn about taking their lives in a bold new direction. The essentials in business-building, the key elements in carving your own path, the inspiration to be bold and confident in creating new markets.

It’s the perfect place to propel your business ideas into a future that ultimately benefits all South Africans. Because, just as the women who took charge and marched in 1956 taught us, women can help create a better world for all.

Become your best you. Sign up HERE.

Women of South Africa, we salute you.