Burger Month – Grab It Both Hands!

Burger Month – Grab It Both Hands!

The smell of a humble hamburger is enough to set our mouths salivating and our stomachs rumbling. Do you recall the last delicious burger you ate right now? We are! May is Hamburger Month, and we’re celebrating it together with a few other special related days.

Special Restaurant-Related Days in May

There is the actual Hamburger Day on Friday, 28 May, when we’ll so delightfully enjoy our first bite of a rich, juicy hamburger from a couple of restaurants in Sandton Central. Then there’s Eat What You Want Day on Tuesday, 11 May, and we invite you to make that booking at the restaurant you used to love so much, but just haven’t been there in a while because of Covid-19, finances or perhaps a diet…

Celebrate Waiters Day with us on Sunday, 16 May. Being a waiter is tough and let’s face it, a lot of us have repeatedly said, ‘I don’t think that I can pull waiting tables off.’ We tend to take them for granted, but just for a second, imagine the world without waiters… Chaos! Let’s honour them by showing our appreciation for those souls who work long hours on their feet, often for a minimum wage. Instead of the 10%, make it a 15% tip, even if it’s just once.

If you love dishes, please raise your hand! Look around you. How many people have their hands in the air… Yes, we know they’re not reading the same blog at the same time. But if they did, the results would’ve been the same. Skip the dishes on Tuesday, 18 May, and celebrate No Dirty Dishes Day. Whether it’s take-away or sit-down, we encourage you to make a note and visit the restaurant at the top of your mind.

Burgers ain’t your thing? Well, there is Pizza Party Day on Friday, 21 May! If there’s one thing that makes any day better, it’s a hot slice of pizza shared among friends. Gather a group of friends together and order pizza from your favourite pizzeria or do a pizza crawl in Sandton. How does it work? Order one pizza to share from each place, and visit many establishments until you’ve had a full pizza!

Burgers in Sandton Central

If you’re chasing healthy plant-based burgers, then Lexi’s in 24 Central is a must! Try the Activated Charcoal Burger, the BBQ Big Cheeze, or the Forest Burger…Mmm. They have a lot of nyum-nyums, and even if you prefer meat, we suggest them too!

Experience Pan-African warmth, woven in Ubuntu spirit and rooted in wellbeing with an eDikeni Burger at Alice Lane. The twist must be the chakalaka… Decide for yourself.

Chase Nando’s unique taste in Benmore Centre, whether you choose mild, hot or extra-hot Peri-Peri or lemon and herb. Would you choose the Cheese Carnival Burger, the Double Chicken Burger or the PERinaise, Avo and Caramelised Onion Burger?

Visit News Café for various burgers, from the Falafel Burger, the Pork Hero Sandwich, to the Fried Chicken Burger together with a premium entertainment experience.

Where do you go when you’re craving flavour? A place where you can feel at home and get your hands on some real fresh taste. You go to Burgerack in Sandton City. They’re halaal and offers the following, The Sting, The Boss, The Spicy Lamb, and The Rockafella, only to name a few.

These are only a few spots, but options are endless, just like cheese…Have a happy Burger Month, Sandton!