1 May 2021: Enjoy Workers’ Day in Sandton Central!

1 May 2021: Enjoy Workers’ Day in Sandton Central!

May Day, May Day… It’s not payday, but it’s International Workers’ Day! This year, this particular day falls on a Saturday. Yes, it might not be an extra weekday off. However, we still get to celebrate, whether it’s chill-laxing or spending time on your hobbies – shopping, going to the cinema, travelling, hiking, or one of the thousands of other leisure activities in Sandton Central.

Everyone loves hobbies, yet we need money, and therefore we have to work. Now, there are some pretty lucky individuals who love their jobs, but that’s beside the point… All employed South Africans should be thankful for having a job, considering the fact that our unemployment rate sits at 32.5%, partially due to Covid-19.

It’s important to remember that everyone’s job, even the little ones, is so valuable and necessary for society, especially if everyone is efficient and highly productive. It doesn’t matter if you’re a domestic worker, policeman or medical specialist. We build society together. Our purpose is to make our country a better, safer place with each passing year. Hence, The African National Congress salutes South African workers on the occasion of Workers’ Day!

Workers’ Day in South Africa

This public holiday is a testimony to the battles that workers in our country and other parts of the world have waged for workers’ rights and social justice over many decades. It is also a reminder of the many challenges that still confront working people and the poor, which remain obstacles to sustainable human development.

The South African working class has been at the forefront of the struggle for a democratic, non-racial, non-sexist, prosperous and united nation. It has understood and consistently maintained that workplace struggles can’t be separated from broader social struggles, and economic justice and equality can’t be achieved without national liberation. It has argued that these struggles can’t be separated from the struggle for gender equality and, specifically, women’s emancipation.

Let’s Celebrate!

We pay tribute to the millions of workers who fought for a democratic South Africa and the many who sacrificed so much so that all South Africans could enjoy rights of citizenship in their own country today. Therefore, we invite you to celebrate with us, right here in Sandton Central!

Take some time and tee off with the Maslow hotel and Killarney Country Club or dive headfirst into the other events Sandton has to offer, not just this day, but perhaps you would like to celebrate another day…

Pack a night bag, stay at one of the 23 Sandton accommodation destinations, and explore like never before! There are 4 parks to choose from if you love the outdoors and want to soak up the last bit of warm sun rays before the winter kicks in. Or visit the famous Sandton restaurants, eat and drink whatever your heart (and your eyes) desires – try something different! Life is too short for same old, same old anyways…

Hungry for some stage action? Hop onto Sandton’s arts and culture page and see which shows are available or view exciting art pieces from existing and upcoming artists. Looking for some peace and quiet? Then, Sandton Library Nelson at Mandela Square is your escape!

We wish we could take you on a tour – to all our favourite places in Sandton, which is basically everything. Maybe it would be best to explore and sniff out your preferred spots… We hope that your Workers’ Day is marvellous! Enjoy!