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The prevention of crime is a major priority for all levels of Government and also receives the full support of the business and private sector.

Funded by commercial property owners in Sandton, the Sandton Central Management District was founded to ensure the creation of an exceptional experience in this key node of Johannesburg.

Sandton Central employs a team of 33 public safety ambassadors, operating 24 hours a day. Additionally, there are 6 vehicles patrolling continuously over the same period. The cleaning team, comprising 22 members, works daily from 06h00 to 17h00, focusing on crime prevention, cleaning, maintenance, and landscaping, seven days a week.

The 'Men in Red' as they are affectionately called, remain the front line of the improvement district, setting the example and sending the message that Sandton Central is a managed public space.

Sandton Central’s Public Safety Ambassadors (PSA's) are employed to make visitors feel safe and at ease. They can be called on at any time to escort visitors, clients or guests within the Sandton Central area.

Sandton Central’s Men in Red:

  • Give consistent supportive, friendly, professional and efficient service. 

  • Keep a sharp eye on public services in the area. The public safety ambassadors report and monitor any issues. This means quick response times to issues like potholes, burst water pipes and traffic signals that aren’t working. 

  • Provide visible policing and surveillance in the public space. The Men in Red identify, monitor and report to the authorities all crime related issues. 

  • Offer knowledgeable assistance about facilities, places and services in Sandton Central. 

  • Act as proud ambassadors for Sandton Central.