Valentine’s Day with a difference in Sandton Central: Celebrate your unique love, uniquely

Valentine’s Day with a difference in Sandton Central: Celebrate your unique love, uniquely

Love is in the air. And on the shelves. And in restaurants, malls, hotel lobbies, florists, and everybody’s minds (and DMs) at this time of the year. Whether you’re flying solo or you’re happily settled with a soulmate, it’s impossible to avoid the Valentine’s Day vibes. This year, if you’re looking to seduce a secret admirer, spoil a significant other, or spread some love to yourself with a little self-care, Sandton Central is your one-stop district for romance.

A dozen red roses and a dubious-quality pink teddy don’t really cut it in this age of innovation and excitement, so we’ve compiled a few ideas to show off your loving streak in a memorable and distinctive way. (PS: All of these ideas work solo, too, so you don’t have to miss out on the fun if you’re feeling independent!)

Don’t know what to pick? Let THEM choose with a shopping spree at Sandton City

What do you get the person who seemingly has everything? The trick is – you don’t have to choose! You can give them the gift of choice when you hand over an elegant gift voucher to shop at Sandton City. These convenient vouchers are easy to purchase at the information kiosks dotted around the centre – but don’t forget to bring along an ID document so Sandton City can ensure your consumer safety.

The lucky recipient of this “golden ticket” can use it to get unfettered access to the latest in fashion, the tastiest food, tons of leisure activities, home accessories, exciting gadgets and more. These glitzy gift cards are usable in over 300 outlets in the mall. Bonus points if you let your loved one know you’ll join them on their retail therapy experience to be the designated bag carrier and outfit-rater.

Let your love blossom on the lawns in Mushroom Farm Park

For the more outdoorsy couple, a naturally unique experience awaits you at Mushroom Farm Park. Start off by visiting the meticulously landscaped park for a stroll in the fresh air, enjoying the February weather. This park was named because it used to be a mushroom farm, and boasts the sort of gardening that makes you feel transported to a country paradise, far out of the city’s hustle and bustle. This romantic bridge is the perfect spot for a mid-date photo opp!

After you’ve stretched your legs and stopped to smell the flowers, stop pop in for a delicious dinner at Truffles in the Park. Their unique menu was designed by masterful chefs to “create meals that involve all senses – an experience that restores, delights, challenges and enriches.” Make sure to give their cocktails a go, as their team of botanical mixologists specialise in uniquely African flavours.

Splurge on spoils with a night in the iconic Sandton Sun Hotel

The one you love deserves the world, so why not give them a night of world-class luxury at the Sandton Sun Hotel? There’s nothing that feels as indulgent as an extravagant night in a gorgeous hotel, and there’s no hotel that combines contemporary elegance with old school luxury quite like the Sandton Sun.

Start off with a cocktail in the beautifully appointed San Bar, then take your relaxation up to the dazzling 6th floor pool. From there, head for a couple’s massage at Spa Serenity, followed by manicures and pedicures for two.

Afterwards, head to your luxury suite and get dolled up for a romantic candlelit dinner at the world-class San Restaurant. Their show kitchen gives the unique opportunity for an up-close-and-personal encounter with the chefs, if you’re interested in a more immersive experience. To conclude the evening, settle into your 5-star suite, and wake up to a scrumptious room-service breakfast with a view of the whole city, well-rested and refreshed. You don’t need to leave Johannesburg for an adventure this Valentine’s Day!

Impress the artsy one with a day of culture, visiting the Berman Contemporary Art Gallery

Is the object of your affection intimidatingly cultured? Does their encyclopedic knowledge of everything artsy make you feel like you’re in the presence of a humanities professor, but a cute one? Impress them with a culture-hopping tour through Sandton Central.

Start off by visiting the Berman Contemporary Art Gallery, a world-class exhibition space that’s specifically focused on showcasing self-expression in the paintings of local artists. Their exhibitions change often, so be sure to visit their website to read up on who’s showing when you decide to go – and memorise some tidbits to impress your companion.

Next, stop by the Sandton Library to leaf through the hundreds of informative reference books on offer and mull over the meaningful art you’ve just taken in. After that, end off your day with a live performance at the Theatre on the Square, followed by a nightcap and intense conversation about the nature of life, the universe and everything in one of the many trendy bars ringing Nelson Mandela Square.

Keep it classic yet fun with pizza and movies at Ster Kinekor

Classics are classics for a reason, and the time-honoured tradition of dinner and a movie shouldn’t be scoffed at as a fun (and wallet-friendly) way to spend your Valentine’s Day. Start off by getting a fuss-free but delicious dinner at Rockets, an absolute must-try for pizza and tapas.

Then, head into Sandton City and catch a movie of your choice at Ster Knekor. The large cinema complex has a wide range of movies, so you’re sure to find one that’s up you and your partner’s alley. Afterwards, keep that old-school cool going by sharing an ice cream from Häagen-Dazs and taking a stroll past the Nelson Mandela Square fountain.

We know that every love story is unique, and that means there isn’t a one-size-fits-all expression of romance every couple should be following. Thankfully; the stores, activities, restaurants and venues are at your disposal in Sandton Central, meaning there’s a magical Valentine’s Day at your fingertips – no matter what you fancy.

Your person is the most special in the world and they deserve to see that reflected tangibly on the day you’re meant to show it. Pay a visit to Sandton Central this February to show your love, your way.