Unlocking the Magic of Fertility and Pregnancy: Join Us at Sandton Central’s Fertility Show Africa 2023!

Unlocking the Magic of Fertility and Pregnancy: Join Us at Sandton Central’s Fertility Show Africa 2023!

Welcome to Sandton Central. We know you’ve probably heard of us. We’re a vibrant neighbourhood known for our dynamic community and exciting events, ideal for families of every shape and size. We’re also nationally renowned for our state-of-the-art conferencing and exhibition venues, of which the Sandton Convention Centre is the crown jewel.  

We’re about to combine those two pillars of our community – families and conventions – in an incredible showcase of the wonders of fertility and pregnancy at the Fertility Show Africa 2023, taking place on the 23rd and 24th of July at the prestigious Sandton Convention Centre (SCC). This exceptional event is designed to enlighten and educate aspiring parents like you on the incredible journey of bringing new life into the world. We’ve compiled a few fascinating facts about fertility and pregnancy to get you prepared for what you might learn at the expo:

1. The Miracle of Life:

Did you know that the human heart starts beating just three weeks after conception? It’s incredible how a tiny, pulsating heart begins its journey to becoming a whole talking, walking, chatting person. Understanding these incredible milestones can help aspiring new parents appreciate the sheer wonder of this journey – and start preparing for what’s to come. 

2. The Dance of Hormones:

Hormones play a crucial role in pregnancy, orchestrating the symphony of changes that occur within the body. From morning sickness to heightened emotions, hormones are the unseen conductors behind the scenes of this beautiful process. Pregnancy represents the most drastic hormonal fluctuation a person can go through! 

3. A Protective Bubble:

During pregnancy, the baby is surrounded by the amniotic sac, which acts as a protective cushion, keeping them safe and comfortable. It’s remarkable to think that this sac not only shields the baby from harm but also provides them with the perfect environment to grow and develop. Think of it as a pre-birthday, self-sustaining luxury chalet!


4. The Placenta’s Vital Role:

The placenta, often called the “life support system” of the baby, connects the developing fetus to the mother’s blood supply. It delivers essential nutrients and oxygen, while also filtering out waste products. It’s a remarkable organ that ensures the baby’s well-being throughout the entire pregnancy. It’s also the only organ the body grows fully, then totally discards after use! 

5. Baby’s First Breath:

As the due date approaches, the baby starts practicing breathing movements. These gentle, rhythmic movements help prepare their tiny lungs for that magical first breath after birth. This is nature equipping the tot for entering the world! 

6. The Power of Touch:

Studies have shown that babies can recognise their mother’s touch even before they are born. Touch is a powerful connection that begins long before the baby enters the world, fostering a bond that will continue to grow and deepen over time. That’s why you so often see expectant parents cradling their bellies – nature tells them what to do, and they’re listening to their bodies.

7. The Senses Come Alive:

At around 18 weeks, a baby starts developing its sense of taste. They can taste the flavours of the foods their mother consumes through the amniotic fluid. Isn’t it fascinating to imagine the world of flavours and experiences they are already beginning to explore? That’ a total blank slate of experiences!


8. The Journey of Sound:

From the moment a baby’s ears start developing, they can hear the rhythm of their mother’s heartbeat and the gentle sounds of her voice. It’s the beginning of a lifelong symphony of shared laughter, stories, and lullabies. Did you know that some parents-to-be will even play music to babies in utero using specially created “headphones” for expecting moms? 

9. The Wonder of Quickening:

Quickening refers to the first time a pregnant woman feels her baby’s movements. It’s a thrilling and magical moment that marks the beginning of a unique and intimate relationship between mother and child. Some moms refer it as the moment they ACTUALLY genuinely realise the “woah! There’s a little human in there!”

10. The Final Countdown:

As the due date approaches, the baby moves into position for birth, preparing for their grand entrance into the world – and does a somersault! Just before a child is born, they turn totally upside down to prepare for delivery. It’s a time of anticipation, excitement, and wonder as the culmination of nine months of miracles draws near, and the brand new human celebrates with a headstand!

A Closer Look at the Fertility Show

Now that you’re captured by curiosity about fertility and pregnancy, it’s time to book your tickets to the Fertility Show Africa 2023 at the SCC. This highly anticipated event gathers a diverse range of exhibitors, each offering valuable expertise and insights into the world of fertility, pregnancy, and new parenthood. It’s an invaluable resource for discovery and education whether you’re a new parent, have a few running around, an aspiring one, or just interested in this fascinating natural process.  

Whether you’re seeking information on fertility treatments, prenatal care, baby products, or parenting resources, the Fertility Show Africa has you covered. Engage with exhibitors, attend informative sessions, and explore the latest advancements in fertility education. This unique opportunity allows you to connect with professionals and fellow parents-to-be, gaining valuable knowledge to support you on your journey to parenthood.

Celebrate new life with Sandton Central!  

As we conclude this journey through the magic of fertility and pregnancy, we hope you’re filled with a sense of wonder and anticipation. The Fertility Show Africa 2023 at Sandton Central’s SCC is your gateway to unlocking the secrets, joys, and challenges of this incredible journey. Join us on the 23rd and 24th of July for an unforgettable experience that will enlighten you on your path to parenthood.  

Whether you’re just starting your family or looking to expand it, the Fertility Show Africa promises to be an informative and exciting event. Embrace the wonders of fertility, gain invaluable knowledge, and connect with a community of like-minded individuals who share your dreams and aspirations. See you in Sandton Central soon!