The Future Energy Show: Let’s get sustainable!

The Future Energy Show: Let’s get sustainable!

The future has a habit of creeping up on you before you know it, so it pays to be prepared well in advance. That’s why Sandton Central and the Sandton Convention Centre are so excited to be hosting The Future Energy Show on the 25th and 26th of April.

Bringing clean, future-forward energy solutions into the heart of the city, the Future Energy Show is described as “the meeting place for the brightest and most innovative minds from utilities, IPPs, government, large energy users, innovative solution providers and more, from across Africa and the globe.”

The event consists of an industry conference and networking opportunities in the form of a networking lounge, guest buyer program and networking app. Open to the public is an exciting free exhibition, showing off cutting-edge sustainability solutions and foregrounding local installers and innovators for you to explore. To pique your interest and get you thinking about how to incorporate sustainability in your life, here are some benefits to going sustainable, compiled by Sandton Central!

1. Cost savings

Sustainable energy solutions, such as solar and wind power, can generate electricity for your home at a lower cost than traditional energy sources, such as coal and natural gas. If you’re stunned by your electricity bill every month, or your pre-paid meter is starting to feel like it might be rigged, it might be worth your while to invest once-off in a sustainable setup, and reap the saving benefits over time.

As sustainable energy technology advances exponentially, it’s become more attainable and affordable to incorporate these solutions into your personal residential home. No more debit order blues or arguing over whose turn it is to add a power voucher – just switch over to your backup power source and stop paying exorbitant rates for a basic amenity.

2. Environmental benefits

You want to look after the planet, right? Well, by choosing sustainable energy solutions for your home, you can help reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment. When you choose renewable energy sources, you reduce greenhouse gas emissions and do your part to mitigate the effects of climate change. As these effects begin to become more apparent every year, it’s imperative that we all acknowledge our personal responsibility to our fellow global citizens and actively take steps towards reducing the harm we do on a day-to-day basis. Choosing sustainable energy at home is a significant step in the right direction.


3. Energy independence

Make rolling blackouts and inconvenient outages at home the least of your worries, and stop dreading that “Pushed to Stage 4” notification when you’ve planned to cook a delicious dinner. By generating your own renewable energy, you can become less reliant on the grid and reduce your dependence on non-renewable sources of energy.

The sun and wind don’t need to shed any loads, and they’re present year-round! Escape that frustration that’s started to feel somewhat inevitable and keep your home immune to unpredictable schedules and uncontrollable power surges. Disclaimer: When your neighbours know you’ve gone totally off the grid, you might be getting a whole bunch of unannounced visitors. Buy an extra box of tea just in case!

4. Increased home value

With everything going on around our country’s power supply, having solar installed in your home is now even more of a benefit than a sparkling blue pool, a rolling lawn or a second lounge! Homes that feature sustainable energy solutions, such as solar panels and geothermal heating, tend to have a higher resale value than homes that rely solely on traditional energy sources.

If you’re looking to invest in your quality of life right now, and invest in your future if you’re thinking of selling or renting, going sustainable is the smart choice! The Future Energy free exhibition would be the perfect place to explore your options and ask industry professionals which solution they think has the most longevity and investment value.

5. Health benefits

Did you know that some traditional sources of energy – like gasoline and burning coal – actively worsen the quality of the air in your community? Using sustainable energy sources can help mitigate that. Renewable energy sources such as wind and solar produce no air pollution, whereas burning fossil fuels can release harmful pollutants that can harm human health and contribute to respiratory diseases. Even if there’s no power plant in your area, choosing sustainable energy can help out the communities where they might exist. By doing your part to lighten the load on these facilities, you’re reducing the volume of waste materials they produce. Pay it forward and be kind with sustainable energy choices!


There’s absolutely no doubt that choosing sustainable energy is the way of the future. To live in harmony with our planet, nature and fellow man, we need to actively change the trajectory our energy production has taken, and assume personal responsibility for how and when we get our power.

You can take charge and make conscious choices when you get informed at events like the Future Energy Show. We’re excited to see you there and explore sustainability with the Sandton Central community.  Find out more about this event on their site.