Organic and Natural Products Expo: Your Gateway to Sustainable Living and Business Innovation in the Heart of Sandton Central

Organic and Natural Products Expo: Your Gateway to Sustainable Living and Business Innovation in the Heart of Sandton Central

Welcome to a new reality where ‘organic’ is not merely a term you come across on packaging labels but a lifestyle that beckons with the promise of a healthier, more sustainable world. As the city of Johannesburg hums with anticipation, the Sandton Convention Centre in Sandton Central prepares to host the second edition of the Organic and Natural Products Expo Africa from September 14-16. Here’s a closer look at why this event is an unmissable milestone on the road to sustainability. 

Why Make the Organic Choice? 

Organic is a word that embodies a host of responsible choices, from eco-friendly agriculture to toxin-free products. The benefits of choosing organic go beyond personal well-being; they extend to planetary health. Organic foods often offer a richer nutrient profile and fewer chemicals, giving you more value per bite. Additionally, the environmental implications include fewer toxic pesticides, better soil fertility, and reduced carbon footprint. Clean, green and serene.  

More than Just an Expo: An Experience in Sandton Central 

Organised by South African Trade Promotions (SATP), the Organic and Natural Products Expo has evolved considerably since its debut. This year, the expo has made influential partnerships, most notably with the German aid agency GIZ and South Africa’s departments of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment, and Trade, Industry and Competition. The introduction of the African Biotrade Festival is touted to be a “game-changer” by event organiser Warren Hickenbotham. 

The Perfect Setting: Sandton Central 

Located in the bustling Sandton Central, the Sandton Convention Centre is surrounded by a multitude of conveniences and amenities. Attendees of the expo can explore an array of high-end shopping destinations, indulge in culinary delights from globally renowned restaurants, or relax in some of the city’s most luxurious accommodations—all within walking distance. Sandton Central is not just a business hub; it’s Johannesburg’s pulse of luxury, convenience, and innovation. 

An Array of Opportunities 

But let’s get back to what makes this expo special. It’s not just a marketplace for organic products but a hub for: 

  • Conferences 
  • Hands-on workshops 
  • Business-to-Business forums 
  • Matchmaking sessions for like-minded businesses 
  • Live demonstrations 
  • Investment and trade openings 

Women in the Spotlight: The Imbizo 

Another highlight of the expo is the Women in Organic and Natural Products Imbizo, designed to empower women entrepreneurs in the field. Scheduled for September 16, this trailblazing event will feature an inspiring keynote from Thina Nodada, CEO of Waymaker Trade Solutions, and seasoned insights from entrepreneur Nobantu Mqulwana. 

Exhibitor Highlights 

Among the many exhibitors, keep an eye out for Jane Mackenzie of 365 Healthy by Choice, offering live health assessments and an innovative intravenous oxygen bar. Zanthe Burger, director of Own it Cosmetics, will also share the transformative business opportunities that the expo has opened up for her brand. Sisters are doing it (sustainably) for themselves!  

Save the Date, Enjoy the Locale! 

Mark your calendar for September 14-16, and make sure you’re in Sandton Central at the Sandton Convention Centre for the Organic and Natural Products Expo Africa. And while you’re there, why not take a little time to explore all that Sandton Central has to offer? 

From consumer to entrepreneur, from foodie to eco-warrior, this expo has something tailored for you. And it all unfolds in the heart of Sandton Central, a precinct that marries convenience with luxury, making your experience at the expo not just enriching but also incredibly enjoyable. For more information, do visit the expo’s official website and the African Biotrade Festival’s page. Your journey to sustainable living is just a click away!