Meetings Africa Tradeshow: Where Business and Innovation Converge in Sandton Central

Meetings Africa Tradeshow: Where Business and Innovation Converge in Sandton Central

The Sandton Convention Centre is gearing up for the 18th edition of the Meetings Africa Tradeshow, set for 27-28 February 2024. This event, owned by South African Tourism, has evolved into the continent’s premier platform for the business events industry, aiming to foster growth and economic development across Africa. Meetings Africa is more than a tradeshow; it’s a critical marketplace for international and local buyers, African associations, and corporate planners to explore a rich tapestry of African Business Events Products.

Significance of Meetings Africa in the Business Landscape

Meetings Africa represents a unique confluence of business and innovation, where the latest trends and opportunities in the business events industry are on full display. It is a testament to the strategic importance of Sandton Central as a hub for international trade and networking. This two-day event, along with a dedicated Educational Day, is designed in collaboration with key global, continental, and national industry associations, underlining its significance in shaping the future of business events on the continent.

Inside Look at the Event

  • BONDay (Business Opportunity Networking Day): February 26, 2024
    The event kicks off with BONDay, a dedicated day filled with educational sessions that delve deep into the business events industry’s latest trends and challenges. These sessions aim to empower businesses with insights into global developments and encourage meaningful conversations towards innovative solutions. Held at the Sandton Convention Centre’s prestigious Ballroom, BONDay is open to all attendees, offering a valuable start to the event.
  • IMEX – MPI – MCI Future Leaders Forum: February 26, 2024 (By Invitation Only)
    This youth-focused business events forum invites top students from various African academic institutions. Its objective is not only to educate students but also to entice them towards career opportunities in the business events industry. Hosted at the Sandton Convention Centre’s Committee Room 5, this exclusive forum promises to be an insightful and inspiring experience.
  • Association Hosted Buyer Sessions and ICCA Africa Chapter Meeting: February 26, 2024 (By Invitation Only)
    For those fortunate enough to receive an invitation, the Association Hosted Buyer sessions hosted by AfSAE and the ICCA Africa Chapter Meeting offer a unique opportunity to engage with key industry players. These exclusive gatherings provide a platform for meaningful discussions and networking in the luxurious settings of the Sandton Convention Centre.

  • The Exhibitor – Buyer Business Exchange: February 26, 2024 (Open to all attendees)
    This innovative concept brings together exhibitors and buyers in a speed networking format. It’s a fantastic opportunity for exhibitors to present their offerings to attending buyers within a short time frame. Located in Boardroom 1/2/3 at the Sandton Convention Centre, this session is open to all attendees, promising a dynamic exchange of ideas and opportunities.
  • Exhibitor – Exhibitor Meetings and TGCSA Speed Marketing: February 26, 2024
    The afternoon sessions are designed for exhibitors to engage with each other for partnership and collaboration opportunities. These meetings take place at various exhibition stands throughout the Sandton Convention Centre, fostering a spirit of cooperation among participants. Additionally, the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa (TGCSA) hosts its Speed Marketing Session in the Committee Room 4. This session aims to showcase eminent business events products to buyers and media, with a special focus on Professional Conference Organisers.
  • ICCA Meetings Africa Association Day Cocktail Reception: February 26, 2024 (By Invitation Only)
    End your day with the ICCA Meetings Africa Association Day Cocktail Reception, a perfect opportunity to unwind and network with fellow attendees. Located in the Bill Gallagher Foyer of the Sandton Convention Centre, this reception is exclusively for ICCA Members and Association Hosted Buyers.

  • Southern Sun Buyer Networking Cocktail Event: February 26, 2024 (By Invitation Only)
    As a bid partner, the Southern Sun Group invites buyers to the host city in collaboration with the Sandton Convention Centre. This event, held at Sandeck, Sandton Sun & Towers, offers an exclusive networking opportunity in a delightful setting.
  • Trade Floor Opening: February 27, 2024 (Open to all attendees)
    The official opening ceremony marks the beginning of the core event. Taking place in the Restaurant Area on Exhibition Level -2 of the Sandton Convention Centre, this ceremony is open to all attendees, setting the stage for two days of business opportunities.
  • Exhibition Times and Sustainability Village: February 27-28, 2024
    During the core show days, the Sandton Convention Centre becomes a bustling hub of activity. Vendors featuring local products will be available for sale, providing attendees with opportunities to explore authentic South African offerings. Additionally, the Sustainability Village operates during show times, allowing delegates to support local arts and crafters while purchasing genuine South African products.

  • BOMA Talks and Official Lunch: February 27, 2024
    BOMA Talks offer intimate conversations between delegates, providing a space for in-depth discussions on business opportunity meetings. These sessions are open to all attendees and take place at a venue to be announced. Following the talks, attendees can partake in an official lunch featuring a wide array of authentic South African and African cuisine, along with lunchtime entertainment, held at the Sandton Convention Centre.
  • Meetings Africa Fun Run: February 28, 2024 (Open to all attendees)
    Start your day on a healthy note with the Meetings Africa Fun Run. This community-building outdoor activity is open to attendees of all fitness levels. Explore the sights and sounds of the host city as you join fellow participants for this energising experience.
  • Bid Party Wrap Up and Meetings Africa Closing Celebration: February 28, 2024
    The day concludes with the Bid Party Wrap Up, where media engagement on the Success Factors of Meetings Africa 2024 takes place. This insightful gathering is convened by the South African National Convention Bureau (SANCB) and representatives from the Host Province, Host City, and Host Venue, providing valuable insights into the event’s achievements.

Finally, don’t miss the Meetings Africa Closing Celebration, a celebratory culmination of Meetings Africa 2024. Join the Meetings Africa team in the Exhibition 1 Foyer and Maude Street to say thank you for a great show and look forward to the future.

Networking and Learning Opportunities

Meetings Africa is designed to foster networking, with a range of formal and informal settings for industry peers to connect. The tradeshow includes speed networking sessions, exhibitor meetings, and a variety of official events, such as the Welcome Networking Event and the Meetings Africa Welcome Networking Event, which immerse delegates in an authentic Johannesburg experience.

Educational opportunities abound, with the BONDay sessions providing deep insights into the industry’s pressing issues. These sessions, coupled with the Meetings Africa Buyer Programme, offer a best-in-class experience, showcasing the most successful elements from global shows.

Accommodations and Enjoying the District

For attendees visiting the Meetings Africa Tradeshow in Sandton Central, finding the right accommodation that combines comfort, convenience, and luxury is key to enhancing their experience in Johannesburg. The district is not only a business hub but also a place where culture, dining, and leisure converge, offering a holistic experience to its visitors. Here’s a closer look at the recommended hotels, each known for its distinctive offerings and proximity to the Sandton Convention Centre:

The DaVinci Hotel and Suites

Located on Nelson Mandela Square, The DaVinci Hotel and Suites offers a seamless blend of luxury and convenience, directly linked to the Sandton City Shopping Centre. This hotel is not only a stone’s throw away from the Convention Centre but also provides an art-filled ambience that echoes the sophistication of its namesake. Guests can enjoy spacious rooms, a world-class spa, and dining options that cater to a discerning palate. Its modern facilities and impeccable service make it a top choice for business and leisure travellers alike.

Hotel Sky Sandton

Hotel Sky Sandton stands out for its innovative use of technology, including autonomous robots that assist with customer service, making it a unique experience for tech-savvy visitors. Located in the heart of Sandton, it offers easy access to the Sandton Convention Centre and major attractions. The hotel boasts a contemporary design, comfortable accommodations, and panoramic views of the city. With amenities such as an infinity pool and several dining options, it provides a refreshing and futuristic stay.

The Hilton Sandton

The Hilton Sandton is renowned for its tranquil setting and elegant accommodations. Just a short distance from the Sandton Convention Centre, it offers a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the tradeshow. The hotel features spacious rooms, a tennis court, a fitness centre, and a picturesque outdoor pool area. Its signature restaurant and the on-site bar provide exquisite dining and relaxation opportunities, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a blend of luxury and leisure.

Radisson Blu Hotel Sandton

The Radisson Blu Hotel Sandton offers sophisticated accommodation with stunning cityscape views. Known for its prime location, it ensures that guests are never far from the Sandton Convention Centre and the vibrant Mandela Square. The hotel features a state-of-the-art fitness centre, an outdoor pool, and a spa that offers a range of rejuvenating treatments. Dining options include a restaurant that serves local and international cuisine, making it an ideal spot for networking dinners or relaxing meals.

The Maslow Hotel Sandton

The Maslow Hotel is tailored for the business traveller, offering a serene environment equipped with all the necessities for those attending the Meetings Africa Tradeshow. With a focus on convenience, it provides efficient services, including a complimentary shuttle to the Sandton Convention Centre. The hotel’s facilities include a business centre, conference rooms, a spa, and an outdoor pool. The Lacuna Bistro and Bar at The Maslow serves excellent cuisine in a relaxed setting, perfect for informal meetings or leisurely drinks.

Enjoying Sandton Central

Beyond the confines of the tradeshow and the luxury of their hotels, attendees can explore Sandton Central’s vibrant lifestyle. The district is a treasure trove of fine dining restaurants, chic cafes, and exclusive bars, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. The shopping experience in Sandton is unparalleled, with Sandton City and Nelson Mandela Square offering everything from high-end designer boutiques to local artisan markets. For those seeking entertainment, the area is dotted with art galleries, theatres, and lounges that showcase the best of Johannesburg’s cultural scene.

Staying in Sandton Central not only provides convenience for those attending the Meetings Africa Tradeshow but also offers a gateway to experiencing the pulse of Johannesburg’s luxury, culture, and hospitality.

A Melting Pot of Innovation in Sandton Central

Meetings Africa 2024 is more than just a tradeshow; it’s a pivotal event that showcases the vibrancy and potential of Africa’s business events industry. It provides a platform for ideas to flourish, partnerships to form, and innovations to be showcased. Sandton Central, with its dynamic mix of business and culture, stands as the perfect host, offering a glimpse into the future of business and innovation in Africa. We look forward to seeing you all there.