Curate a cosy Instagram feed: Get that autumn aesthetic online at Sandton Central

Curate a cosy Instagram feed: Get that autumn aesthetic online at Sandton Central

Everybody’s got a favourite season, but no matter what yours is, we can all agree on one thing: there’s no aesthetic quite like the autumn aesthetic! It’s time to turn your Instagram feed into a cosy, autumn-inspired paradise to keep trendy on the web. And we think the Sandton Central precinct might just be the perfect place to make that happen.

Here’s our guide for perfecting the change of the season feed transition, with all the stores, settings, and atmosphere you need to start stacking up those likes and follows. Get seasonal with Sandton Central and start snapping for your ‘Gram in style!

1. Accessorise your outfits with a warm colour palette


It’s time to move on from the dreamy pastels and gradients that dominated this summer season, and towards the rich, warm reds and oranges we know and love from Autumn. You don’t need to change up your whole wardrobe to channel your inner seasonal sartorialist, just add a few key pieces in warm tones.

We’re thinking long wool jackets, scarves, snug hats and signature leather shoes. Thankfully, you’ll be able to find autumn accessories that suit your style when you go shopping for your wardrobe refresh at Sandton City. Boasting over 300 stores, you’ll be delighted at what you might pick up!

2. Snap up the scenery


You already know that the most astonishing element of autumn is the incredible hues the landscape slowly turns to. Take advantage of that, even if you’re in the city when you visit one of Sandton Central’s many delightful parks. There’s a whole selection of outdoor fun to be had in Sandton Central, so pack a picnic basket and visit one of our public parks to get some vibrant leaves in frame before they all fall off in the winter months.

If you’d like to turn your photo shoot into a big day out, we’d suggest visiting George Lea Park. You can get all the images you need, then grab a scrumptious lunch amongst the socialites at the trendy Milk Bar.

3. Get cosy with coffee


As the weather gets colder, our taste in drinks gets hotter, and there’s nothing quite like a gorgeous cappuccino, steaming on a misty day to show off an autumn aesthetic in your Instagram stories. When setting up your coffee-themed content, we suggest building a scene around your cuppa.

Chose a warm-toned coffee shop, then add in the book you’re reading, or the notepad you’re writing in. Try to incorporate delectable snacks for extra cosiness and show off your personality with additional accessories like your glasses, handbag or interesting centerpieces. You get to set the scene here, and the more creative you get – the better! We recommend coffee shops like The Walnut Grove in Sandton City or The Motherland Coffee Company in Benmore Centre.

4. Take advantage of natural light


The quality of light in Autumn is soft, warm and perfect for beautifying those snaps without using any filters. During autumn, the tilt of the Earth means the sun is lower on the horizon, casting a longer, weaker ray of light, which means autumn snaps have that “glow” that looks good on literally everyone.

Try taking your images in the “golden hour” or the hour just before sunset. We suggest getting dolled up and going out for drinks and a photo session to outdoor venues like those at Nelson Mandela Square, or on the San Bar deck at the Sandton Sun hotel.

5. Get out and about!


There’s no point in Instagramming your autumn if you’re not actively experiencing the season! Before the weather starts turning icy, this is a great time of year to start exploring. There are tons of events scheduled to take place throughout Sandton Central in April for you to enjoy! With everything from comedy by local superstar Loyiso Gola, to Wellness Wednesdays at WeWork. You can find loads of exciting April events in the heart of Sandton using this hand ticketing calendar from Quicket. We’re excited to see you all there!

You could probably tell by now, but here at Sandton Central, we’re huge fans of autumn. There’s just something about the seasons settling down after an action-packed summer that makes us breathe out, relax, and move into a new rhythm. We love documenting that process, too!

That’s why we encourage you to share your autumn snaps in our district with us this season. Just use the hashtag #SeasonsInSandtonCentral for a chance for your pics to be featured for all our followers to see. Have fun ‘Gramming’ – we absolutely can’t wait to see what you share with us.