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Joburg kicks-off virtual Rates Policy Review public meetings
06 February 2021

A City of Johannesburg Press Statement by MMC for Finance, Councillor Jolidee Matongo

Joburg kicks-off virtual Rates Policy Review public meetings
The City of Johannesburg will host virtual public meetings as part of its annual Rates Policy Review process.

“In order to adhere to the National Lockdown Covid-19 regulations, the City has opted to host virtual meetings, giving ratepayers the opportunity to engage and provide comments on the current Rates Policy from the comfort and safety of their own homes”, says Councillor Jolidee Matongo, MMC for Finance in the City of Johannesburg.

The Municipal Property Rates Act No6 of 2004 (MPRA) gives the City the right to levy property rates; and stipulates that the City adopt a Rates Policy on an annual basis with inputs from ratepayers.

“Through the public participation process, ratepayers will be given an opportunity to voice their concerns and have their issues heard. This is done to ensure that the process is fair, equitable, and affordable.” Says MMC Matongo.

Ratepayers will be able to join the scheduled virtual public meetings for the Rates Policy Review process using meeting links which will be communicated via social media, sms notification, email and other communication platforms. Customers may also log onto the City’s website to obtain the meeting schedule and current 2020/2021 Rates Policy.

The review process is set to begin on Monday, 8 February 2021 and will run until 26 February 2021.
Suggestions and recommendations may also be emailed to on or before 15 March 2021 which is the closing date for submission.

Closing date for submission of comments is 15 March 2021.

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