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Helpful details for contacting the city to attend to issues in Sandton Central
07 May 2018

When you need to get things done and have to get hold of the City of Joburg to make them happen, having the right contact details at your fingertips can make a big difference.

Elaine Jack, City Improvement District (CID) Manager of Sandton Central Management District (SCMD), explains: “When you see something that needs improving or fixing, by logging it with the city you help take charge of your neighbourhood, and this serves to make it better. We are the eyes and ears of the city and our district.”

Logging your request with the correct department and in the right way helps speed up the results and makes it easier for everyone involved.

Of course, there are times when faster action is needed, or an issue isn’t properly resolved. In this case, it’s the responsibility of the city’s councillors to step in on behalf of residents and to ensure the municipality implements its policies and procedures to address the needs of its citizens. However, it is important to remember, if an issue wasn’t properly logged in the first place, your councillor will not be able to escalate it.

The councillor for Sandton Central is the ward councillor for Ward 103, Vincent Earp. He is available from 8am to 5pm on 079-882-2652 and


City Parks and Zoo: Call (011) 646 2000 for the Zoo and City Parks (011) 712 6600 during office hours only. For after hours for City Parks call (011) 375 5555 and speak to the controller for an option to have your report logged. Then, for tree related request send an email to and any other related issues email to or with details of the request.
You can expect a service turnaround times for different services, ranging from up to 30 days for grass cutting in open spaces, seven days for grass cutting in cemeteries, 24 hours for fallen trees and branches, and 30 days for pruning trees. The response time for cutting grass in parks will vary, depending on the status of the park.

City of Joburg Revenue: For different functions, there are different ways of logging requests.
Automatically done by back office: Change of ownership can take up to six weeks and finalisation of rates can take up to five days.
Visit your nearest walk-in centre:
• For a new water or electricity metre to be installed and you can expect it to be installed within 25 days after paying.
• For finals readings when you move out, you need to provide the city with seven days’ notice
• To close an account, the account adjustment and finalisation will take no longer than 30 days. The new owner will be required to pay a deposit for services.
• For the issuing of a clearance certification, your turnaround time is within three days of application.
• For a refund, you can expect a response within 30 days, provided that the service tick is compliant and services are finalised by the back office.
• Opening a new account has a one-day turnaround.
Visit E-Services, your nearest walk-in centre or call 0860JOBURG (0860562874) and select option 1
For your statement availability.
Visit your nearest walk-in centre or call 0860JOBURG (0860562874) and select option 1
For all other revenue related queries.

City Power: Call 0860JOBURG (0860562874) and select option 2
If you want to log an electrical fault or find out more about power outages and other electrical issues, use the above options or find out more at

Joburg Water: Call 0860JOBURG (0860562874 / 011 375 5555) and select option 3
Log a call for all broken pipes, water main leaks, faulty metres, water outages and sewer blockages on the above number or at, sms line 082653 2143,
Twitter: @Jhbwater, or Facebook: Johannesburg Water

Pikitup: Call 0860JOBURG (0860562874) and select option 4
For animal carcass removals, expect a response within six hours. For cleaning of an illegal dumping site, you should experience a turnaround time of two days. This is where you would direct your request for a new or additional bin, and you should get a response within seven days.

Johannesburg Roads Agency: Call 0860JOBURG (0860562874) and select option 5
The JRA builds, maintains, and manages road infrastructure. You can log pothole, traffic lights faults, missing or fallen road signs, faded lane markings, missing utility hole covers, unfilled trenches across the road and more. You can also report issues at, on Twitter at @myjra, on Facebook at Johannesburg Roads Agency or by email at

Metrobus: Call 0860JOBURG (0860562874) and select option 6
You can use this option to receive Metrobus and Reya Vaya timetables or to log a complaint.

Johannesburg Metro Police Department: Call EMS/JMPD call centre on 011-375-5918/5911
The JMPD deal with traffic violations, noise, dumping, vagrants and motor vehicle accidents. Their response times are dependent on the incident and resources available.

You can also visit for more information on how to address issues that need attention.


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