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Emergency sectional closure of M2 bridge
27 August 2018

The Johannesburg Roads Agency’s (JRA) will be closing a section of the M2 Karsene bridge during the 25th and 26th of August 2018 over the weekend. The decision was necessitated by the outcomes of the continuous monitoring of the bridge after the visual conditions assessment indicated that structural integrity of the concrete elements is severely reduced.

While undertaking the continuous monitoring exercise at the M2 Karsene bridge, JRA engineers realised that parts of the support structure have moved vertically and horizontally affecting the structural stability of the bridge.

The safety of the Karsene bridge cannot be guaranteed for continuous use by motorists and thus the decision for a sectional closure of the bridge. JRA Engineers will continue to monitor M2 Selby bridge which is still open to the public.

The bridge closure process will start at 04:00 am on the 25th August 2018. Approximately 200 metres of the Karsene section of the bridge will be closed off to traffic. Traffic from the east-bound lanes will be diverted onto the west-bound land to allow for traffic to flow in both directions.

Acting Managing Director, Mr Goodwill Mbatha said: “the safety of motorists and road users is of utmost importance and concern to the JRA, hence the urgent decision for the closure.” The M2 Selby and Karsene bridges repairs and rehabilitation work will commence from the 2nd week of October 2018 and will take approximately 12 months.

Traffic Advisory

  • Motorists are urged to reduce the speed limit across the Karsene Bridge section to 40 km/h and maintain a safe following distance.

  • Adhere to traffic guidelines and signage.

The JRA apologises to all road users for any inconvenience that may be caused as a result of this repairs and rehabilitation work.

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