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Companies can benefit by partnering with AlexWorks owned by the non-profit Rays of Hope
12 October 2020

Lebo, a young girl from Alexandra, attended a 5-day work readiness and life skills training that was offered to her by her employer. She loved the training as she hasn’t had the opportunity to get much professional input and left with some life goals in place, a budget to manage her salary every month and a new spring in her step.

Imagine if you will, hundreds of young people from Alexandra, who every day long to find a job, keep a job and change their lives and the lives of the people they love. But it’s difficult as they have never been shown how to write a CV, they don’t know how to budget to ensure that they have money to get to work in the week before pay-day and they don’t know why getting to work on time is important.

There are initiatives around that many companies participate in – learnerships, internships and most recently, the YES programme. But how many of the youth that participate in those programmes, truly leave with the practical life skills that will help them move on successfully with the skills and experience that they have gained?

Enter AlexWorks (Pty) Ltd – a small Level 1 BEE company that trained Lebo. Since starting they have trained many young people from Alexandra, impacting not only them directly but those that they support too. AlexWorks is owned by the non-profit Rays of Hope, which has been operating in Alex for 29 years. It was started to generate a sustainable source of income to support that work of the NPC in the areas of education, orphaned & vulnerable children and work readiness. As part of the work readiness focus area, Rays of Hope wants to support the youth through a bi-weekly support group, where concepts learnt on the training are reinforced, youth are given the opportunity to learn basic computer skills, life lessons are shared by successful people and per-to-peer mentoring can happen, but this still needs to start up in the post-COVID world.

If AlexWorks could train 50 youth a week providing them with the knowledge to appreciate who they are, set goals for their lives and take control of their futures, then hearing feedback like the one below would be commonplace and the social impact significant.

“I learned a lot from this training and I'm benefiting day in and day out as I'm able to plan my life. I didn't know that I should know myself first before venturing into a business. I should know what I want and what I want to be. This training taught me how to manage my finances, now I know I should start with fixed costs ahead of discretionary costs.” – Swithun, 33 years old

Young people would be inspired to keep trying until they are given an opportunity, value the diversity that they encounter in a workplace instead of fighting against it and thinking about new business opportunities to become employers instead of looking for jobs.

With corporates training their own young employees or sponsoring training for Alex youth, the sky is the limit for this little business.

Companies can benefit by partnering with AlexWorks in many ways:
- An enterprise development (ED) opportunity
- A supplier development (SuD) opportunity
- Skills development points for training unemployed youth
- Maximising the benefit to young people on learnerships, internships or YES placements

So Lebo is still working at the same company, but she has decided to complete her Matric finally so that she can do more. She has achieved her driver’s license and has a car now, so she doesn’t have to rely on public transport. Lastly, she makes the most of every opportunity to learn more, improve her skills and actively contribute to the company.

Wouldn’t you want to be part of this change in the youth of Alexandra?

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