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City Power warns residents of criminals pretending to be its employees
01 March 2019

City Power is aware of an imposter who goes around robbing residents of Johannesburg by claiming to be a City Power employee. In a recent incident he presented himself to a customer as a “meter reader” with City Power card with the name of Sifiso Khumalo. He then assaulted a customer before stealing her son’s car and housing equipment which included computers, jewelry and a cellphone. 

The person in the picture is neither a City Power employee nor a contractor at City Power. The card he is holding is a fake card. City Power would like to assure residents that the name Acumen Software that appears on the card is a company of good reputation. It has no relations with criminal activities of the person appearing in the picture. Acumen Software is a service provider of note and good character that provides software services to City Power and does not do field work such as going into customer’s homes. Acumen Software does not know this person in the picture, neither does he work for it (Acumen Software).

City Power has referred this matter to Group Forensic Investigative Services (GFIS) of the City of Johannesburg for further investigations and to bring this perpetrator to book.
As such City Power is warning residents not to allow any person, technician or contractor onto their property without first verifying credentials with City Power’s Security Risk Control Unit on 011 490 7911 or 011 490 7553 or 011 490 7900 or by contacting Metering Call Centre number at 011 490 7484. Residents are also encouraged to contact their nearest police station.

There are criminal elements roaming the streets of Johannesburg masquerading as City Power employees. Residents are urged to report such incidents to City Power Security Management so that our Security Officers can apprehend the suspects.

How to identify City Power technicians City Power employees and contractors will have a City Power Identity card. The card will be colour coded for specific sections within City Power.

For Example the colour blue is for permanent employees.

The card will display a photo of the specific employee or contractor carrying a card, their name, identification number and expiry date. A hologram of the firefly appears on the card as well. Report any damaged cards, including scratched or invisible photos, names and numbers immediately to City Power Security Risk Control numbers mentioned above. Security Risk Control numbers appear on the back of the identification card. Customers who are not home when City Power employees/contractors arrive on their properties to seek access for meter installation or meter reading are urged to contact City Power Metering Call Centre at 011 490 7484 to make arrangements for visits outside office hours or over the weekend.

For media queries please contact - Sydney Mphahlele at 063 319 7759

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