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Aurora Medical Aesthetic Centre
19 July 2017

Dr Yair Edinburg is the co-founder of both the Ubuntu Family Health Centre and Aurora Medical Aesthetics Centre. He works as a general practitioner at Ubuntu Family Health Centre Maude as well as at Grayston. Both practices are family orientated medical wellness centres located in Sandton.

Dr Yair Edinburg qualified from WITS with an MBBCH. He completed his internship and community service at the Pretoria Academic Hospital with emphasis being placed on Emergency Medicine. He later lived in Sydney, Australia where he was a Senior Medical Officer at the Ryde Hospital Emergency Department. Dr Edinburg then took on a position on a cruise ship working in the Caribbean. Continuing in the emergency setting he joined International SOS and was a flight doctor, travelling into Africa to transport patients back to Johannesburg. Dr Yair Edinburg has been working as a GP for the last 8 years.

He is a young and caring GP who has a holistic approach in dealing with his patients. His background is in emergency medicine but has a passion for family medicine especially Paediatrics. He has also found his talent practicing aesthetics, offering a range of different services through the Aurora Medical Aesthetic Centre.

Dr. Edinburg is able to treat the following in his rooms:

  • General ailments 

  • Blood pressure monitoring

  • Blood sugar monitoring

  • Skin lesions (Liquid nitrogen)

  • Removal of lumps and bumps

  • Pap smears

  • ECG and stress ECG

  • Lung Function Tests

  • Vitamin B injections

  • General medical check-ups

  • Executive medicals

  • Insurance medicals

  • Travel Clinic and vaccines (coming soon)

  • Flu vaccinations

  • Aesthetic medicine 

  • Vitamin Drips

  • Baby Clinic

We here at Ubuntu Family Health Centre wish you all good health, but in the unfortunate event of illness we would welcome the opportunity to look after you.

Contact us: 011 783 7367 (Maude) or 010 822 3151/2/3 (Grayston).

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