Travel: Hotels in Sandton

Travel: Hotels in Sandton

Travel: Hotels in Sandton, what to do etc.

It’s no small exaggeration when people refer to us as the richest square mile in Africa. It’s for good reason too. Our malls, eateries, infrastructure and businesses are second to none if we do say so ourselves.

A simple walk (or drive, a big square mile is big) through our streets is enough to leave you speechless as you marvel at what we consider to be the pinnacle of modern architecture. We take great pride in our district, and as such, we’re more than happy to take a step back and soak it all in from time to time.

South Africa has almost unlimited potential, and we see our once humble district as a small taste of the heights our country can achieve if we set our minds to it.

However, as proud as we are of our district as a whole, there’s one feature that has an extra special place in our heart. Ask any parent and they’ll tell you this – there’s always that one that makes you a little bit prouder, one who encapsulates everything you stand for. Our little secret this July? As proud parents of the Sandton Central District, our hotels and accommodation are our favourite child.

Why, you ask? Well, it’s simple.
We think everyone can agree that there’s no place like home. Waking up in a familiar environment, cosied up under your blanket, surrounded by your favourite and most practical essentials – it’s an almost surreal feeling. Everything you need to be as comfy as possible is right under your nose. For most of us, home is where the heart is. Sometimes, however, you need to leave those comforts for a few days, and this is where we’re glad to come in.

We’re in the business of looking after people. Whether it’s providing our loyal and valued customers with an escape from reality, world-class facilities, service with a smile or delicious food in mere minutes, we’re all about hospitality. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than seeing the awestruck looks on people’s faces as they take in our sights, or the grateful smiles we receive after making someone’s day. We have our regulars, who we know love, our first-time visitors, and few things warm our hearts more than the wonder in a child’s eyes, or the knowledge that we’ve given someone lasting memories.

The ability to open up our hearts and doors to local and international visitors alike offers us that opportunity. It enables us to host, to entertain, to feed and surprise. It brings us closer to the people we serve while letting us assume the role of walking, talking ambassadors for our beloved country. It places us at the forefront of tourism and hospitality and allows us to showcase exactly how great South Africa can be. We take great pride in our hotels because, to us, they’re our chance to look after our people.

And, in our eyes, you can’t put a price on feeling at home.

With school holidays right around the corner, we’re sure most people need a few days off. And who says tourists need to have all the fun? The idea of no chores, dishes, bed making or washing up for a few days sounds pretty heavenly. And, because we’re Sandton Central, you know we’ve got you covered here. Our picks for July? We’re glad you asked.

The Michelangelo:
Situated in the literal heart of Sandton, The Michelangelo is the embodiment of who we are. Simply oozing elegance, sophistication and class, this is not just one of our best hotels, but a proud member of the Leading Hotels in the world. Perfect for business and leisure travellers alike, the hotel boasts a plethora of facilities including a gym, an indoor heated pool, valet service and (of course) excellent WiFi. With majestic views of Nelson Mandela square (which it’s adjacent to) and extensive security (the hotel is frequented by various A-listers, delegates and political who’s who), it’s basically a little slice of heaven with a majestically golden tint and marble finishes.

It wouldn’t be the flagship property of the Legacy Hotels and Resorts hotel group otherwise.

Da Vinci:
No, we’re not naming Ninja Turtles, although our collection of hotels is no less awesome and more than capable of knocking you off your feet. If, for some reason, being adjacent to the square isn’t enough, why not be in the middle of it? The hotel boasts massive, spacious rooms specifically designed for an influx of natural light. Implementation of additional green features such as LED lighting and solar panels make this an environmentally friendly destination that, trust us on this one, doesn’t skimp on any of the luxury. Health spa, fitness centre, a heated infinity pool, two restaurants and everything in between – it’s basically an overseas holiday in Jozi.

Sandton Sun:
There aren’t that many things in life that can leave you genuinely speechless. You probably know the feeling, or that childish sense of wonder at least. That’s the feeling many of our guests experience when they walk into our Sandton Sun hotel for the first time. All we can say is look up – then keep looking. While first impressions do matter, their beautiful ceiling with its magnificent chandelier, while seemingly reaching to the heavens, is just the start – and it’s only up from there. Comfortable, affordable (or comfortably affordable) rooms with all the quality and none of the empty wallet syndrome, a spa to rival the best in the world, walking distance from luxury brand shopping, food courts and one of the best-rated locations in Jhb, WOW is just the beginning.

In conclusion, there’s no shortage of hotels in Sandton Central, which means more opportunities to bring happiness to the people we serve.

And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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